Monday, June 15, 2009

Megumi @ Upper East Coast Road

Decided to walk over to Megumi for a quick Jap dinner over the weekend. It was hot hot hot, and everyone was tired.

We ordered this UFO maki to share. It was a crispy seafood roll, according to the description on the menu. This was very well received indeed. The crispy seafood roll inside was clearly fried upon order, it was warm and crispy and it was delicious paired with the rice and ebiko. Thumbs up for this one. We ordered it recently when we went there again. It was very well received by all!

My favourite california roll was good, but overshadowed by the excellent UFO maki. We also devoured this in a jiffy, nevertheless.

Cutie ordered a california handroll, which he adorably calls a sushi cone. He couldnt wait for me to snap a pic... see, his fingers are reaching for his handroll already!

My order of sumi udon. I wanted cold noodles, given the sweltering weather. And I saw this interesting charcoal wheat noodles on the menu and gave it a try. It was smooth and nice, didnt taste like charcoal! I hear it has some cleansing properties, so give it try if you are game for some gut cleansing! See the little quail's egg in the corner? I wasnt sure whether I am supposed to add it to the dip, or crack it over the noodles or what.

The server recommended asahki sashimi, I believe it was called. It was a whole fish, sliced up. I found it a tad warm, I like it slightly colder and the pieces stuck together as though it was sliced with a blunt knife. Didn't really like this one. It cost $35.

Here is Cutie, all ready to eat. He usually eats his dinner earlier, but these days, he is going through a growth spurt, so having a 2nd dinner is usual for him.

Sweetie is doing some gymnastics before dinner. Haha.

School Carnival at Fort Canning

Cutie's pre-school held a carnival at fort canning for charity. So we bought tickets to support the charity and headed there on Saturday morning.

Driving Game, using a magnet to direct the metal car.

Ball Throwing game.

He looks cool with sunglasses, I think.

Drumming game...

Picking balls...

Riding the little car...

saying hi to a teacher from his school...

Cutie also brought home some balloons for himself and his sister. His is a balloon sword, and he liked it so much, he brought it with him to the bath.

He also requested a balloon flower for his sister, which I thought was very sweet.

Yes, Sweetie likes her balloon too.

All in all, a great weekend!

Marusui Japanese fish Market @ B2 Vivocity

had an inpromptu lunch with CT, since we were both working late, and by the time i stepped out of my little office, I could only see her around. Everyone else had already gone out for lunch.

Suggested that new fish market place at Vivocity basement, opposite Giant supermarket. Its a little place with only a few tables, so if you can't get a seat, you might need to tarpow back to the office.

The sashimi and sushi is displayed in front of you like at the japanese supermarkets.. You choose what you like, then pay at the cashier. The chefs will slice up the sashimi for you.

CT patiently queuing to pay while I chope the seats!

Our sashimi selection! All fresh and nice. Came on a friday, which was delivery day! How lucky!

I like california rolls... Like all the ingredients and the happy orange colour. Started liking since my pregnancy days when I couldnt eat raw foods, but still wanted sushi.

This was on offer, alaskan crab on rice for SGD5.80 instead of the usual SGD12.80, so we got one to share. Yes, the crab was sweet. Then we saw a gentleman eat the entire crab leg. Turns out, that only costs $8! We should have got one! It looked quite nice.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peramakan @ Keppel Club

I really should get a membership at Keppel Club. I am here so often! I came here for friday lunch with some girls. And we had a great time.

The last time I came, I honestly didn't find the food that fabulous. Perhaps we ordered the wrong things.

This time however, everything was fantastic. Particularly the company! :)

Assam Udang Nanas(Tangy assam prawns with pineapple) - very appetising and delicious. The gravy was tasty and tangy and really excited the tastebuds.

Spicy Gravy Chicken (Ayam Rendang) - this was tasty and the chicken was tender.

Grilled squid (Sotong Bakar) - my favourite! It was delicious! The squid was perfectly tender, right texture, fragrantly grilled. The sauce covering it was slightly spicy and very yummy.

We also shared otah and sambal kang kong, but i was too busy eating to take any photos.

Our shared dessert of apom balik - fluffy pancakes with warm banana syrup. The pancakes were warm and soft and delicious. The banana syrup was not too sweet and had real chunks of banana. We also each ordered a durian chendol... I forgot to take a photo of it, but its in the group photo below. It was delicious and although it tasted very rich, it didn't feel rich, it felt most refreshing.

Looking forward to the next one, girls!

Dian Xiao Er @ Vivocity

Went for lunch with DB at Vivocity.

I like lunching with him... he is fun to talk to.. And he isnt so self absorbed like other youngsters who only talk about themselves or their own angsty issues... He can discuss current affairs, he has intelligent views, and he is concerned enough to ask about me and the kids.

We went ala carte... and chose our faves.

The fried rice (SGD9) here is good. Each grain of rice is tasty and redolent with the fragrance of wok hei. I also like their fried vermicelli.. also has the same wok hei which comes from an experienced hand.

The crocodile soup with almonds (SGD6) used to be more expensive, now all the soups are 6. This was tasty and nice. DM says its too heaty though, should have avoided in these recent times of extreme hot weather.

A close up of the soup. We discovered this wormy things... and were told that these were cordyceps! Sure or not? I know that cordyceps are super expensive! They were crunchy but tasteless. Certainly no herbal taste. The meat tasted alright, not too tough, but certainly not tender either. DB says it tastes like pork.

The signature herbal roast duck - everyone loves it. It is fragrant and tender and delicious.

I can pick up peanuts with my chopsticks! IeatIshootIpost was recently blogging about the right way to hold chopsticks... how do I fare eh?

And, the main reason why I come here. The power chili sauce. Goes well with everything and really has the spicy kick.

Drinks from Queen and Mangosteen. Refreshing. I really needed a break, it has been a crazy week.

Best chocolate ice cream, cutest spoon and takeaway box.

Retail therapy - as I said, it was a crazy week. So, bought clothes for cutie from Club Marc - they are really expensive in the States (just try buying online!) but in its vivo outlet, it seems that they are having perpetual closing down sales.

Bought myself a pretty watch too.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Kome Japanese Dining @ Keppel Club

DH and I wanted to have a quick sushi and sashimi lunch before our movie date - State of Play at Vivocity Gold Class!

So we headed to Kome Japanese Dining. I come here for lunch pretty frequently, because they have pretty good, value-for-money bento set lunches. think sashimi, chawanmushi, mentaiko cod, tempura, with a salad starter and a fruit dessert for only SGD22.90. Usually I add a scoop of sesame ice cream if I am not too stuffed.

Chef Lawrence Chia is the brother of Ronnie Chia (Tatsuya) so I think they both employ the same marketing tactics - good and fresh sashimi at reasonable, value-for-money prices.

So this is our current favourite restaurant..

We went for an omakase sashimi and sushi lunch. Although if you are on a budget, they have a very reasonable ala carte buffet lunch for SGD38pp.

Our sashimi platter - includes toro and botan ebi. All delicious. Melted in my mouth.

We loved all the sushi that we were served - toro, uni, ikura, aburi hotate with mentaiko, aburi salmon belly with savoury garlic sauce. I was too busy oohing and ahing over the delicious morsels to take any photos at first... but when this seared foie gras on white tuna sushi arrived, i had to take a photo. It was simply divine.

See, DH and I are totally happy!

We then made our way to the GV Gold Class cinema to catch our screening of State of Play. I thought the movie was so-so... but I loved the whole experience of Gold Class. The comfortable reclining arm chairs, the wide array of hot food available, the proper cutlery, silver ware and glassware, the proper service. I felt pampered. We ordered wines (1 red, 1 white), a cheese platter and nachos with dips. It was decadent.

So I really enjoyed our movie date and so did DH. It was very extravagant, but luxuriously so.

The kids are just too funny these days.. Look at Sweetie's expression! "Mom, who's that guy next to me?"

And check this one out.. it totally cracks me up - "Am I pretty, mom?"

Then, we brought the kids swimming over the weekend. It was too hot, and so I capitulated and went swimming with them.

It was Sweetie's first visit to the pool! And yes, she sure enjoyed it! It was great fun seeing how she just kicked and splashed and squealed in delight.

Cutie found some friends straightaway. He is a very sociable kid.

Borrowed their water gun and aimed it right at me.

I just love bonding with my kids - and swimming on hot and sunny days is one of the best ways of doing just that!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

7 ate Nine @ #01-36 Esplanade Mall

The good news is, DH finally finished his exams (and he did really really well too)! The bad news is,he has to start work at a new hospital immediately after he finished his exams. No time for a break at all. I originally thought we could do a staycation at Sentosa, but nope, it was not possible.

Oh well, he promised that we would still try to spend time together.

We went to watch a movie yesterday after work. But we promised his mom that we would still go back for dinner. So it was a rather rushed kinda thing. And since we met after work, we went in separate cars, and left separately. Didn't feel at all like a date! Told DH that it didn't count as one.

For those who are wondering, we went to watch Terminator Salvation. I thought it was rather nice - the boys were goodlooking, very ruggedly so. They all had very nice straight and shiny teeth (I Like!). In an environment where fuel, food, clothes are all scarce... it's quite a wonder that the girls in the show all seem to have easy access to rose/coral lipstick though. Lol. I dont know if it's because I am now too old... it just seems that all the movies that I have watched appear to have a rehash of the same old themes - messiah theme (he came to save the world / he sacrificed himself in the end), machines take over the world for the humans' greater good theme, falling in love with the "supposed" enemy theme.

So today we had lunch!

I asked him what he felt like eating, and gave him a few recommendations - Japanese (Kome), Italian (Bonta), French (Gunther's) or tapas-style bites (7atenine)... unfortunately, he chose 7atenine! I was rather hoping to go somewhere new (he hasn't tried any of the above, but I have tried Kome and 7atenine).

Still, I do think that 7 ate nine is good value for money, and fun to eat.

I am happy, because he came to pick me up, and he was ON TIME. Applause please!

Most of the stuff I tried today were different from what I had previously, except for 3 items - the tomato cheese tart (which DH also liked), the stuffed beef on hot stone (DH thought it was interesting) and the truffle risotto (which DH also liked). I guess these items are firm favourites. Anyhow, they were good, so we ordered repeats of the tart and the risotto.

Duck Rillette with caviar. It was quite tasty, with an interesting contrast in flavours and textures. I like rillette and I like caviar. Somehow, together, it should have been a good match, but maybe just a tad salty.

Chicken Caesar Salad - it was nice, but the chicken tasted salty, more like chicken ham. Otherwise I thought it was pretty good.

Soft shell crab - a crowd pleaser. Crispy and tasty. But not unique.

This was a winner - Goat's cheese ravioli in crab bisque. Loved the texture of the ravioli (smooth and silken), loved the tasty cheese encased within, loved the crab bisque, which was flavourful and delicious. We of course ordered a repeat of this one too.

Carnivorous DH must have his meats, so the above was one of his favourites. Braised Veal with polenta. Their polenta is creamy and tasty. The last time I had the polenta here, it was also very well received. The veal was tender and full of the gelatinous tendony bits, which we liked. We ordered a repeat of this one.

This is roasted beef flank with enoki mushrooms. This was very nice and although not super tender, it was quite tasty. We also ordered a repeat of this one.

Our array of desserts. We were stuffed by the time desserts arrived, to be honest. They all looked very pretty. On the spoons were a mango sorbet, then a chocolate truffle ball on a stick with a sweet earl grey jelly, and then a brownie with vanilla ice cream.

DH spent quite a fair bit of his time playing with his phone though! He can't seem to stop texting at the table! So, I shall tell him that this date doesn't quite count either. He shall have to take me out again!! haha.