Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prime Society @ Dempsey Road

DS and DBiL's Wedding

Cutie was a page boy for his Yee Yee's wedding.

He was tasked to carry the wedding bears up the aisle.

Doesn't he look handsome in his suit?

He did his job so well! He ran into the auditorium, fearless and brave... even though the church auditorium was filled to the brim with unfamiliar faces.

Then he strolled down the aisle with ease. Isn't he just the cutest?

Wedding Dinner

The place was beautifully decorated and the food was excellent. DS' and DBiL's thank you speech was prepared with much thought and effort, and was so touching that everyone at my table was a little teary.

Cutie had lots of fun that evening. He ran up and down the aisle, danced on the stage, and generally enjoyed himself a lot.

Prime Society @ Dempsey Road

DS and DBiL didn't just prepare a touching thank you speech. They prepared gifts for everyone in the family, including DH and I. One of the vouchers that they gave us was for Prime Society (10 Dempsey Road #01-20 Singapore 247700, tel 6474 7427), a place that specialises in meat.

They take their meat very seriously here. The cutlery was in an envelope called the "Inauguration Kit". The placemat featured a picture of a cow with all the edible parts labelled.

My steak sarnie (SGD20) from the brunch menu was excellent. The beef was tender and sliced nicely. (They did forget to put the camembert cheese, but all was forgiven when I asked and they brought the missing slices to my table). And the fries, the fries was magnifique! Crispy and hot and salted just right. They were perfect with tomato ketchup (although they also provided a lime mayo dip).

DH's ribeye (SGD34) was from the Christmas menu, and it was very substantial. The baby potatoes were just right, crispy skin, tender potato.

Close up of the hunk of meat. I think it is seared not grilled, which to me makes it a little oilier?

We also ordered a salt and pepper calamari starter (SGD16) with lime mayo. It was nice but a very small serving for that price.

Ben and Jerry's @ Dempsey Road

We then brought Cutie to Go Go Bambini's where he could play in this 3 storey play gym with a ball pit. He had lots of fun... We didn't stay long, just half an hour. He liked it so much he kept asking to go back.

We went next door to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. DH and I shared a waffle with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and ice cream (SGD9.50).

Cutie was more interested in driving the Ben and Jerry's ice cream van outside.

See how pleased he looks!


We brought DH's mom to dinner at this restaurant. Lots of nice food. But no pics cos I was too busy trying to feed Cutie.

We later went downstairs to the kiddy rides where Cutie decided to drive a bus...

He was having so much fun, it was hard to get him to leave.

Here, he told us that we could leave first. Bye Bye.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Les Amis Restaurant @ Shaw Centre

My lovely and very charming friend took me to lunch at the newly renovated Les Amis.

Les Amis is such an institution that it's always a treat to be dining there. A gastromical feast with such wonderful company elevates this meal to my hall of fame.

Since Gunther has left the kitchens of Les Amis, Thomas has taken over the helm.

Their styles, as I understand from my learned friend who dines there so frequently that the staff refer to the restaurant as his "canteen", is rather different, with Chef Thomas leaning towards the lighter flavours.

I cannot be sure if I prefer either style, but I do think that Chef Thomas tries very hard to incorporate lots of different flavours and textures into each dish.

This was my chosen starter - truffle ravioli. The ravioli was stuffed with different kinds of mushroom, and fragrant black truffles were shaved over it. It was served with wilted spinach and some reduction.

We both had the same main - turbot with lobster foam. Our waiter described it as very delicate fish cakes. I quite agree. It was very light, like eating air.

We both had the same dessert - pear sorbet with apple canelloni. The apple pastry had a tinge of cinnamon in it, which made me feel very Christmassy.

Inagiku Japanese Restaurant @ Raffles City Shopping Centre (again!)

Christmas time! Love Christmas time! So does Cutie. He likes the Christmas tree at home.

We visited the refurbished Inagiku at Fairmount Hotel (previously known as Raffles the Plaza)recently.

The new place is definitely more sleek and cool, with lots of dark wood and warm lighting.
The food is also more innovative.

Unfortunately I haven't had a very good appetite. So I didn't order much.

This is my unagi baked in cheese and gingko nuts (SGD25). A bit odd on the palate really. fish and cheese is a very funny combination.

DH ordered the Inagiku set.

The starter arrived in a laquer basket and looked really pretty. He said it was quite nice.

His sashimi was fresh.

His fish and mushroom soup which I didn't try.

His 3 slices of wagyu beef cooked on a leaf over a hot flame. I stole one slice, and it was very tender and tasty. The miso paste was a little salty though.

His lobster tasted a little too robust for me, but he seemed to like it, judging by the swiftness with which it was demolished.

Cutie came too. He had a chawanmushi, and then ran off to play with a new friend. He's trying to say "cheese" - japanese style.