Monday, August 17, 2009

Hakka Yong Tau Foo @ People's Park Hawker Centre

I went to People's Park Centre to look for ribbons (it's my latest craft hobby, but more about that later!).

And I was starved by the time I finished running my errands.

So I really wanted to have something yummy, to placate the growling tummy complaining of abuse and neglect.

I was looking for Loh Mei (a stewed dish with chicken and stuff) but couldnt find it. So I settled for Hakka Yong Tau Foo, which I knew was famous here.

The good thing about lunching late, was that there wasn't a horrendous lunchtime queue. So I got my food pretty quickly.

Wow, this really really hit the spot. After a month of bland styrofoam meals... here is something really worth eating.

The soup was full of rich umami goodness, it just hits the tastebuds and makes you go Wow! There were lots and lots of soya beans in the soup, which I love. Each of the yong tau foo bits were tasty too, with a rich flavour of dried fried sole, meat and fish.

I liked how they had fresh veggies in the mee pok. The mee pok was certainly yummy too. It had the old school taste and seasonings of chili, oil, some soya sauce, a dash of ketchup. No lard. but very good nevertheless.

It was a great lunch, and I truly enjoyed it.

Cant wait to go back... in fact, I might go back this week, since I want to get more ribbons.

Oh, and here is the reason why I am buying ribbons and clips...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Japanese Snacks

To cheer me up, DH has bought me a bunch of Japanese snacks so that I wont be so depressed when working through lunch.

So here they are:

Lots and Lots of Royce chocolates! This is just the first batch btw. Already eaten up. He subsequently bought 2 more batches of different flavours for me. Dark Green is Champagne (my longtime favourite). Brown is Bittersweet (with no alcohol, but we still find it a little too sweet so DH bought Bitter the next time round, which was better). And Light Green is a seasonal special, Green Tea (my current favourite).

I love the delicate taste of green tea! I dont drink green tea much (except when they serve it in Japanese restaurants and always with ice), but I love green tea ice cream, green tea frapps and now, green tea chocolate. It's got this fragrant tinge and a little bittersweet edge. Lovely. Each box of chocs costs around $12.60.

Lots and Lots of Japanese cookies and biscuits. I kind of miss the Hokkaido cream biscuits. It's pretty famous - Shiroi Koibito. So we got all sorts of snacks, to see if any of them could match up to the gold standard of shiroi.

This Well Cookie from Morinaga is my favourite. It was buttery and crispy, with a coffee flavoured fragrance. The fragrance was subtle, yet lovely enough to make me want more than just one. The cookie and the coffee cream paired so well together, it was like a match made in Heaven. I couldnt stop at just one.

This was a white chocolate langue de chat, so it is the one that is most similar to shiroi koibito. However, the cookie was a little too light, and a little too thin, and the white chocolate was a little too delicate. So, all in all, it makes a good substitute if you cant get your hands on the real thing... but, for me, I think I would rather hold out for the real thing, or eat a Well Cookie.

This is chocolate langue de chat. The chocolate was a little too thin, and the cookie was a little too thick, so I didnt think it went too well together.

Each of the boxes costs around $5 each.

Cutie is also snacking on Japanese cookies.. these are ball cookies, I think its a Japanese brand with a chicken in the centre. Both Cutie and Sweetie like it, but it seems that Cutie snacks more often than Sweetie.

So here he is, having ball cookies as a supper snack with his Daddy.

I am not sure if its a good idea to encourage Cutie to have supper... but its just so cute when he bonds with his Dad over supper after Sweetie has gone to bed.. .so I give in once in a while.

And Sweetie is just as sweet as ever. She is now 12 months old, very active as you can see, she is climbing all over the place.

She has lots of nice clothes, more than her brother ever had.. Thanks for the pretty dress, Auntie YS!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Still Eating Packed Lunches

This is duck noodles $3.50 from that new food court at the first floor of HarbourFront Centre. It used to be a halal food court, and now they split into 2, one halal and one not. This duck noodle stall also serves kway chap.

It was ok.. at least I got to eat it while it was hot.