Monday, August 17, 2009

Hakka Yong Tau Foo @ People's Park Hawker Centre

I went to People's Park Centre to look for ribbons (it's my latest craft hobby, but more about that later!).

And I was starved by the time I finished running my errands.

So I really wanted to have something yummy, to placate the growling tummy complaining of abuse and neglect.

I was looking for Loh Mei (a stewed dish with chicken and stuff) but couldnt find it. So I settled for Hakka Yong Tau Foo, which I knew was famous here.

The good thing about lunching late, was that there wasn't a horrendous lunchtime queue. So I got my food pretty quickly.

Wow, this really really hit the spot. After a month of bland styrofoam meals... here is something really worth eating.

The soup was full of rich umami goodness, it just hits the tastebuds and makes you go Wow! There were lots and lots of soya beans in the soup, which I love. Each of the yong tau foo bits were tasty too, with a rich flavour of dried fried sole, meat and fish.

I liked how they had fresh veggies in the mee pok. The mee pok was certainly yummy too. It had the old school taste and seasonings of chili, oil, some soya sauce, a dash of ketchup. No lard. but very good nevertheless.

It was a great lunch, and I truly enjoyed it.

Cant wait to go back... in fact, I might go back this week, since I want to get more ribbons.

Oh, and here is the reason why I am buying ribbons and clips...

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