Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Recent Eats

El Cerdo, 43 Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

DH and I went to KL for a day trip to run some errands... and we had lunch at El Cerdo, recommended by my good friends (thanks YS and Ben!).

It is a spanish restaurant specialising in iberico jamon (ham of spanish black pig which is fed only acorns). So we went the whole hog, and had jamon, black pork ribs and black pork belly! DH is especially tickled that we went to a Muslim country and had a porky lunch.

Our delicious starter of iberico jamon and serrano jamon (black pig and white pig respectively). Both had a very chewy texture, quite salty but definitely tasty. It was a burst of flavour with every bite.

They recommended the black pork belly. It was of course delicious, but you know what, I liked the slices of chorizo sausages that it was served with even more!

The best ever pork ribs. They were meaty and tasty and tender.

We also had a glass of sangria each. Whee. It was very festive and fruity.

Dinner at Home

Por Por steamed some crabs for dinner that day, and they were delicious. Cutie had a fun time playing with the live crabs in the kitchen. He was quite sorry that we ate them.

Simply steamed, and eaten with a dip of vinegar and sliced ginger, these were amazing. They were meaty and full of orangey roe.

Beef stew. It was flavourful and fragrant.

Empress Jade, Jewel Box, Mount Faber

Farewell dinner for someone in the office. This was an excellent choice for lunch, and quite interesting since we took the cable car over.

starter of prawn cocktail. Interestingly paired with a sliced grape. Sweet and savoury.

Pork liver and egg white soup. Funny choice, since offal would not be something that many people would easily take. Quite a Chinese thing, maybe, as it is meant to be nourishing. I thought it smelt a little strong, since I dont often take pork nowadays. Still it was well done, since the liver was tender, and not overcooked, something which is easy to do for pork liver.

steamed whole pomfret, delicious and yummy. A crowd favourite.

Crispy duck. I think this was a nice dish, and not too common. The skin was crispy and light, and not oily.

There was a noodle dish that I forgot to take a photo of.

My almond cream desssert. I love almond cream, I think its nice and not too sweet and I also hear its good for the complexion. It's an acquired taste though, because i know it can smell unbearably like mothballs for some. I wonder how i learnt to take it, since my family doesnt really take it.

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