Friday, February 13, 2009

Takumi Tokyo

DH and I don't really have time for each other these days. He is busy studying for a major exam, and well, I have my hands full with a day job and 2 kids.

However, we have made time to have lunch with each other... and I have enjoyed both occasions immensely.

I feel very loved when we lunch together. And although our conversations are now a lot more mundane, it feels a little bit like we are dating again.

So, today we went to Takumi Tokyo. It is a relatively new Japanese restaurant next to Prive. The dinner sets range from $100, $200 and $300. Fortunately their lunch sets are less exorbitant. My ladies set lunch was $30-ish and so was DH's set lunch.

My starter, which had quite a variety. I liked the slices of sashimi, though small they were fresh. There was a refreshing tofu salad with sesame dressing and a marinated seaweed with salmon roe. Lovely start.

DH chose to add $10 or $12 for a sashimi starter. His portions were slightly more generous, and there were 2 slices of air dried japanese beef.

Then the 2nd course of zaru udon, cold and nicely refreshing. And a gratin of sorts. I cannot remember what it was, but I think DH liked it.

My main of miso cod. Portion a little on the tiny side, but it is a "ladies" set after all. I am not considered a dainty lady with feminine appetites, you see.

Dessert was a sesame ice cream, I think.

And there is free flow of soft drinks with the set.

On the whole, quite enjoyable... I would go again. DH thinks it's a little overpriced, for the servings.

I miss DH already.

The French Kitchen @ Central Mall

The French Kitchen @ 7 Magazine Road #01-03, Central Mall.

I will come right out and say it: I LOVED my dining experience at the French Kitchen.

Maybe because it is a new restaurant opening in the bleak times of recession, maybe because it is located in an area which is getting really quiet, maybe because we were lucky they really liked us. Whatever it was, I have to say, we enjoyed everything about our lunch - the food, the service, everything.

First there was complimentary bread (we had wholegrain and raisin when we were there) served with butter and with pork rillette. The bread was warm and fresh and constantly replenished.

Then our complimentary amuse bouche of salmon rillette, served with a crispy parmesan cheese cracker. Which was tasty and had a nice aroma and texture.

The set lunch ($36) had a choice of 3 different entrees and mains, and a choice of 2 desserts. Between the 3 of us, we ordered everything. And tried each other's plates. All for the sake of good journalism.

My fantastic starter of terrine de foie gras et cochon - kurobuta pork cheek and duck liver terrine. It was creamy and smooth, yet with some contrasting meaty texture from the pork. It was perfectly executed. And it was a thick and generous serving too.

PL's starter of bisque de homard - traditional lobster bisque with tiger prawn beignet and leek custard was a visual delight. Crispy battered prawns with soup served separately. It was rich and velvety smooth and fragrant. Yums.

PC ordered Macedoine de legumes aux truffes - mixed organic winter vegetables with poached egg and black truffle essence. It was nice, crunchy fresh and sweet vegetables with a poached (but not runny) egg. No photo, but you can imagine.

PL's main of sea bass and scallop. She liked it best of all the 3 mains. I thought it was nice and fresh.

But my fave main was PC's chargrilled agnus beef with boulangere potato. It was delicious. Just delicious. The potatoes came separately, bubbling in a small pot, covered with a creamy sauce.

My main of crispy duck breast with cocobean mijote and sun dried tomatoes. I thought it was just a tad heavy on the sauce and the salt. But the sundried tomatoes helped a lot in cutting through it all. I think it is just me though, because I am sure DH would have loved the tasty flavours.

Both PC and PL ordered the citron - organic lemon with melon granita and creme chantilly and home made madeleine . They both enjoyed it a lot and PL said she liked her dessert best.

I liked my order of dark chocolate creme brulee with vanilla ice cream. It was excellent. Served warm, with a crispy torched crust and smooth creamy interior, contrasting nicely with my vanilla ice cream, I was in dessert heaven.

Can you see, from our happy faces, how we enjoyed our meal? I love my girlfriends... I always enjoy lunching with these 2 sweeties.

I have to add, that the service was excellent, and truly memorable. Chef Jean-Charles (formerly from Raffles Grill) personally came over to our table to greet us and ask us whether we enjoyed our food. He even made time to say goodbye to us as we left. Restaurant Manager Jan was affable and friendly and made us feel very at home. When he realised we were trying to get a cab, he spontaneously went to the road and tried to flag us one!! How's that??

And, guess what, we just received a thank you email from Jan and Jean-Charles! Have you ever received a follow up email from a restaurant before? This is certainly the first time for PL and I. Kudos to the French Kitchen team. I am sure we will be back!

Kids at CNY

On the home front, Cutie has settled very well into school and loves school days. He is always clamouring to go to school and even when we want to keep him home (because of a slight runny nose) he refused.

This was the CNY celebration at school. They got to do a lo hei, a traditional salad, that is tossed for good luck.

They got to play with bubbles outdoors...

Can you see him enjoying himself?

And the children performed a Chinese New Year song for parents.

He sang so well! Every word in the song was perfectly enunciated, every action was perfectly timed. I am so so proud of him. *beam*

And this is Cutie taking Sweetie on a ride on his motor scooter. I think Sweetie had fun. She laughed a lot.

Oh, and in other news, DH and I have instituted a time out corner. Where Cutie is made to stand and reflect on the things that he shouldnt have done.

So there he is. He is being timed out for doing something naughty. He does look rather morose, doesn't he?

Monday, February 09, 2009


Seem to have lost interest in blogging somehow.

Facebook is more fun.

And with 2 babies, I don't always have time to do both.

But, we're still having fun!