Thursday, March 12, 2009


Late night telecon and then had to send comments by email after that. Can't go back to sleep. DH's study light is still on. He is revising for an exam and he doesn't have time to study much in the day or early evenings. So his only window to study is after the kids go to bed. Poor DH. Went in to check and see if he needed anything to eat or drink but he was going to bed soon.

You know, I am very effusive when blogging about my 2 little ones. Cutie is such a cutie pie - he is eloquent and active, and has a very endearing side. He can be very thoughtful, like whenever it rains, he will ask Grandma whether Mommy has an umbrella cos he "doesnt want Mommy to get wet". Sweetie is such a sweetheart too - she is cheerful and smiley and seems to have a high adversity quotient. Minor ailments and loud noises (from cutie pie) or small discomforts don't seem to affect her as drastically as it would affect some other children (like cutie pie).

But I realise I seldom blog about DH. I haven't really told him how much I appreciate him. So, here is a post dedicated to DH. A letter with my love. Maybe he will stumble upon it and read it.

You know, I met DH when I was 18. So, it has been a really long journey together. Yah yah, I am very old.

Dear DH,

I believe we're meant to be. From the way we met to the way we ended up together, I believe it was part of a greater divine plan.

We're from different circles, you and I. Different schools, different fields, different professions. It was pure serendipity that we happened to meet at the airport. What were the chances?

Yet, we are so alike. We like the same things, we enjoy the same foods, we have the same priorities in life.

Thank you for being so supportive in all the things that I did. For cheering me on, for applauding each and every one of my (minor) achievements. For always seeing the good side of me, for always believing in me when I doubted myself, for painting rainbows in my skies when my clouds were grey.

Thank you for always being generous to me and my family. You think of my family when you go overseas, you buy supper or dessert when you go over, you give advice when they need an impromptu consultation. I feel especially loved when you do that.

Thank you for being my personal advisor, for never being too tired to hear me out when I need a sounding board. On hindsight, I realise your analysis of work-related matters are usually very accurate. You also seem to have a particular knack of being able to decipher politicking much better than I can. I don't think I would have come this far without your guidance and your encouragement.

I think I have grown up a lot in the past years. I am more mature, more willing to make sacrifices, more caring, more considerate. I usually attribute this change in attitude to motherhood. But I think, the people who have stood by me throughout this entire metamorphosis are the ones who I must thank the most. Because these people are the ones who have loved me as I was, even when I was well, not so grown up. DM, DS and you. Thank you.

I appreciate the gifts that you always lovingly pick. Looking back, I realise that each gift you have bought for me, were always made with careful consideration on whether I would like it. When I was going through my Harry Potter phase, you bought me all the Harry Potter DVDs. When I mentioned that the OSIM foot massager was a good invention, you bought it for Christmas (ok it is a white elephant really, and I only wanted to get a free massage at the Osim roadshow at Centrepoint but nevertheless I am still touched that you got it because you thought I would like it). The lovely extravagant sparkly gifts you got because you thought they would look nice on me. And the wheels.

There's a song, which I happened to hear on youtube, which I think represents what I want to say to you. It's a Hokkien song (from Money No Enough). Jia Hou: Meaning Wife in Taiwanese dialect.

with all my love,
Chocolate Reindeer

Postscript: Someone who knows DH well suggested that we met at the airport because he was stalking me. No LAH!

Peramakan @ Keppel Club

PL, YS and I came here for lunch. I think it was because I read some good reviews on this place from Keropokman and Leslie... :) can't go wrong when a fellow foodie recommends the place right!

We each selected a dish that we wanted to try.

I think this was YS' choice by default. She said she was pretty easy, didn't mind anything, but didn't eat sotong or weird stuff like nangka curry etc. Mmm. Ok fish is safe. This is Ikan Assam Pedas. I think. Nice gravy.

PL wanted something with petai. So this is Garang Udang Petai, but no petai! Were we supposed to explicitly say we wanted petai (cos there was a non-petai option)... oops. Not bad also lah.

My choice! I wanted to try the ayam buah keluak! This version didn't disappoint. I like the taste of buah keluak, its kinda smokey, and fragrant and meaty. Very nice. I recommend this.

And then we each chose desserts. YS doesn't take durian! Ooops! PL and I love durian. The desserts here are good! Lots of gula melaka, coconut milk, durian. All make for a rich and satisfying end to our meal.

PL's choice of durian chendol. It was very refreshing! Cold and creamy.

My choice of durian pancakes. Served warm and melting. Yums. I had the durian pengat last time. Also yums.

YS chose a safe sago gula melaka. It was nice too.

I like eating lunch with my girlfriends! This was my turn hosting lunch. YS treated us to dimsum last time and PL wants to take us to eat Okinawan! Stay tuned!

Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh @ Sin Ming Industrial Park

Our 2nd lunch date was on a rainy afternoon...

I was rather stressed at work and needed some warm comfort - bak kut teh with DH was just the thing to perk me up.

DH wanted to bring me to bishan, he said, lots of good food and it's somewhere that I have never been. It's true that I seldom venture to this part of Singapore. It's just not anywhere near where I would normally hang out.

Have heard of this place from the food bloggers, but never tried it.

Am glad I did.

This is the stuff we ordered to share. DH likes the tang orh (green vegetable in soup). He says its nicely cooked and fragrant. I liked the pig trotter. It was braised till tender, and cleaned very well, so it didnt smell or taste porky. Just tasty and savoury with lots of that dark sticky soya sauce.

We each had a bowl of bak kut teh. The long pork rib is the nicest. The other 2 are just so-so. Next time we must order only prime ribs. They refill the soup too, but my refill wasn't piping hot. such disappointment. The soup was slightly peppery, and fragrant with garlic. You can see whole large cloves of garlic in the soup. No herbal smell or taste. This is pure teochew style i guess. I like it this way, although it could be a tad more peppery.

Almost everyone in the coffeeshop ordered the same thing as us. Then the lady would balance everything on a metal tray and cart it over to the table. She is super strong!

The food came very quickly and cost about $20 for both of us.

Verdict: I wouldnt mind coming back if I am in the area.