Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sydney Eats Part 2

So sorry, no time to blog these days, taking care of 2 kids alone.

And when I do have some free time, it's easier to just read other blogs instead of blogging. And since the internet connection here is erratic (cos we can't afford any better!) it's annoying to try and post up pics but only to have the connection die on you, so all the effort is wasted.

Anyway, not many outdoor eats... all indoor, home-cooked eats this time.

Home-cooked by DH: whole barramundi with rosemary and thyme, served with garlic, lemon and salad.

Home-cooked by Cutie: mushroom and ham pizza.

See! I trained my boys well, they are doing all the cooking! While the girls do the eating!

Here are some of the things that the girls' team served:

Fried Veg with taupok

grilled tumeric and lemongrass chicken

baked pasta

We almost always eat porridge for lunch. Different permutations of meat (fish or chicken or beef) with 2 kinds of veg (1 root veg like carrot, sweet potato or pumpkin and 1 green veg like bok choy, kailan etc).

Fish with pumpkin and veg I think

Chicken with scallop and mushroom I think

For a change I sometimes cook rice noodles instead of porridge (with the same main ingredients) but it's too messy feeding 2 kids noodles, so i think I will stick to porridge.

For dinner it is always 1 meat, 1 veg served with rice. So a few nights ago, we had:

Veg with mushroom and scallop

Baked fish two styles (one with rosemary and thyme and one with diced black olives)

We also always round off with fruit for dessert

White and yellow peaches (DH prefers the white ones!)

Berries (Straw and Blue)