Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jia Xiang Kuching Kolo Mee @ Vivocity

I've read quite a bit about this Kolo Mee in the news and was eager to try this outlet once it had opened. The flyer that they handed to me proudly proclaimed that the noodles and ingredients were "air-flown fresh from Sarawak, Kuching!"

There were no queues at all when I went there during lunch today. Perhaps due to a glut of eateries in this megamall, or perhaps it was an ominous sign.

I ordered their specialty Kolo Mee No. 1 (with wanton, prawns, char siew, minced meat and abalone) for S$8.90.

The 3 slices of abalone didn't taste like abalone, more like some kind of bland shellfish. It didn't have the right texture or taste. The prawns were artificially crunchy, because of the excessive amount of bicarbonate added to it. The over-hyped noodles tasted much like instant noodles, and weren't that" springy" or "QQ" as they had claimed.

Oh well, at least it was a quick lunch.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Thank you for the wonderful birthday treat, filled with surprises.

DH surprised me with a 2nd gift, a Nokia N73, perfect for photos and videos. After I had already picked out and bought my 1st gift. Dear Sister (DS) and Dear Brother (DB) arranged dinner at a lovely restaurant. After the sumptious meal, when I thought the birthday celebration was over, out came the surprise birthday cake! And then, when we were walking to the car, and I thought that the celebration was truly over, out came the presents and the card! And, I really wanted the bag and spa treat that were so thoughtfully picked out for me! Wow.

I feel very loved.

And since I am new to this blogging thing, I didn't remember to take any photos, until after the yummy tiramisu birthday cake was already half-eaten. But, as it was so yummy, I'll leave you with a photo of it.

Happy Birthday to Me

It would be a fitting way, I think, to celebrate a birthday with the creation of something significant. So, here it is. I have finally, after much procrastination and hesitation, created my very own blog.

It shall be filled with my musings on food, relationships, marriage and motherhood.

This is a good time to start a blog. I have grown a lot in the past year, and I have opened a new chapter in my life. Embarked on a new journey. I am now ready, to share my perspectives and experiences!