Friday, January 25, 2008

Bee Hoon Galore

I haven't been able to eat that well, so I have been losing weight. Visibly.

But now that I have learnt (the hard way) what foods tend to whet my appetite and what foods tend to induce nausea, I have been eating better.

I don't really like gravy or heavy tasting stuff.

Most of what I have been eating are dry things like crackers.

I have also discovered that bee hoon is also pretty well received by my palate.

Dian Xiao Er (Vivocity #02-137)

I actually tried their seafood fried bee hoon with my family at the Changi Airport Terminal 3 branch. But then, we had 5 people sharing one plate, so I only had a little taste.

So I decided to come back for more a few days later.

I started with some black chicken soup (SGD5.80).

It was very very nice. Not at all oily and very soothing. I like this so much, I think I will come back for this next time. I wouldn't mind trying their crocodile with almond seed soup either, but that costs quite a bit more.

Their seafood beehoon comes with prawn and squid but I asked them to leave the prawns out because I don't like the taste of prawns anymore. It is really quite nice too. Not oily or salty. It also had bits of chili padi so it had a good spicy kick! It is fragrant with wok hei and fish sauce. Too much for one person though - it would have been just nice for 2.

Ngo Hiang Bee Hoon @ Food Republic 3rd Floor

This one cost about SGD6, so I think it is quite expensive. I like the tofu and the ngo hiang that I chose but I regretted the squid cos it was rubbery, tasteless, chewy and bland.

The bee hoon was quite tasty but it was fried till it was in bits, not lovely long strands, which made it hard to eat with chopsticks.

I also like the vegetarian bee hoon at Seah Imm for breakfast, I have been eating that for days in a row, without getting tired of it. Never managed to take a photo of it unfortunately... too busy eating. Maybe next time.

CNY celebration pics coming soon!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Watching DVDs

Been busy with work so no time for updating my blog.

I have somehow turned into an insomniac, and spend my nights watching late night shows like Amazing Race or TV reruns. Or my old collection of Sex in the City dvds.

Sigh, as I watched Carrie Bradshaw and her friends meet new guys every week, have girls' nights out, go for drinks, have fun and do all that glamour stuff... I almost felt sorry for myself. These women are in their thirties, empowered, liberated, and have the spending power to buy what they want and do what they want, with no apologies to the world for that. Sigh. Sigh. I am living the life of a captive, chained to family and work. So I thought.

Then I remembered this old song I used to love - Never been to me, by Charlene.

It's such a lovely melody, with very very touching words.

And when I hear this song, I think that my life is perfect as it is.