Saturday, January 03, 2009

Phung Thien Nhan

Today I read something in the local news that made me cry.

Nhan is a 2 year old who had been abandoned in a forest by his unwed teenage mom. To me, a mom abandoning a helpless child is already unfathomable and needlessly cruel.

But that was not all. She left the baby in a forest infested by wild dogs and other animals. A helpless, innocent baby.

What happened next breaks my heart. A wild animal came and ate up the boy's right leg and other organs. Villagers found the baby bleeding, shivering and covered with biting ants.

WHY? It is so inhumane, so senseless.

From the pictures, the boy appears to be lively, intelligent, handsome. I feel so so sorry for the terrible ordeal he has had to endure, and the pain that he continues to suffer.

I have decided to donate to this boy's welfare fund.

If you would like to do the same, please go to this website for details.