Friday, January 18, 2008

Watching DVDs

Been busy with work so no time for updating my blog.

I have somehow turned into an insomniac, and spend my nights watching late night shows like Amazing Race or TV reruns. Or my old collection of Sex in the City dvds.

Sigh, as I watched Carrie Bradshaw and her friends meet new guys every week, have girls' nights out, go for drinks, have fun and do all that glamour stuff... I almost felt sorry for myself. These women are in their thirties, empowered, liberated, and have the spending power to buy what they want and do what they want, with no apologies to the world for that. Sigh. Sigh. I am living the life of a captive, chained to family and work. So I thought.

Then I remembered this old song I used to love - Never been to me, by Charlene.

It's such a lovely melody, with very very touching words.

And when I hear this song, I think that my life is perfect as it is.


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DS said...

So sweet... Yes, so much to be thankful for in your life, which to many people is so very ideal! :)

Anyways, I sleep very late these days too... not cos I'm suffering from insomnia... the assignments are keeping me up! So we should entertain each other on gmail chat or something! Heehee. But you better catch more sleep and rest and good food though... it is good for your, urhm, 'health'. :)

D said...

Happy Chinese New Year!