Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peramakan @ Keppel Club

PL, YS and I came here for lunch. I think it was because I read some good reviews on this place from Keropokman and Leslie... :) can't go wrong when a fellow foodie recommends the place right!

We each selected a dish that we wanted to try.

I think this was YS' choice by default. She said she was pretty easy, didn't mind anything, but didn't eat sotong or weird stuff like nangka curry etc. Mmm. Ok fish is safe. This is Ikan Assam Pedas. I think. Nice gravy.

PL wanted something with petai. So this is Garang Udang Petai, but no petai! Were we supposed to explicitly say we wanted petai (cos there was a non-petai option)... oops. Not bad also lah.

My choice! I wanted to try the ayam buah keluak! This version didn't disappoint. I like the taste of buah keluak, its kinda smokey, and fragrant and meaty. Very nice. I recommend this.

And then we each chose desserts. YS doesn't take durian! Ooops! PL and I love durian. The desserts here are good! Lots of gula melaka, coconut milk, durian. All make for a rich and satisfying end to our meal.

PL's choice of durian chendol. It was very refreshing! Cold and creamy.

My choice of durian pancakes. Served warm and melting. Yums. I had the durian pengat last time. Also yums.

YS chose a safe sago gula melaka. It was nice too.

I like eating lunch with my girlfriends! This was my turn hosting lunch. YS treated us to dimsum last time and PL wants to take us to eat Okinawan! Stay tuned!


Julia said...

Have heard good reviews of this place from other bloggers, and now you. I've really got to try Peramakan for myself soon! :)

The Chinese restaurant at Keppel Club, Peony Jade, serves pretty good dimsum too!

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Julia: HI! Thanks for dropping by to visit this blog! I think I might go back, there are some dishes that I didn't try like their beef rendang. I am not a member of Keppel Club though. Can I eat at Peony Jade?