Friday, February 13, 2009

Takumi Tokyo

DH and I don't really have time for each other these days. He is busy studying for a major exam, and well, I have my hands full with a day job and 2 kids.

However, we have made time to have lunch with each other... and I have enjoyed both occasions immensely.

I feel very loved when we lunch together. And although our conversations are now a lot more mundane, it feels a little bit like we are dating again.

So, today we went to Takumi Tokyo. It is a relatively new Japanese restaurant next to Prive. The dinner sets range from $100, $200 and $300. Fortunately their lunch sets are less exorbitant. My ladies set lunch was $30-ish and so was DH's set lunch.

My starter, which had quite a variety. I liked the slices of sashimi, though small they were fresh. There was a refreshing tofu salad with sesame dressing and a marinated seaweed with salmon roe. Lovely start.

DH chose to add $10 or $12 for a sashimi starter. His portions were slightly more generous, and there were 2 slices of air dried japanese beef.

Then the 2nd course of zaru udon, cold and nicely refreshing. And a gratin of sorts. I cannot remember what it was, but I think DH liked it.

My main of miso cod. Portion a little on the tiny side, but it is a "ladies" set after all. I am not considered a dainty lady with feminine appetites, you see.

Dessert was a sesame ice cream, I think.

And there is free flow of soft drinks with the set.

On the whole, quite enjoyable... I would go again. DH thinks it's a little overpriced, for the servings.

I miss DH already.

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