Monday, December 17, 2007

Les Amis Restaurant @ Shaw Centre

My lovely and very charming friend took me to lunch at the newly renovated Les Amis.

Les Amis is such an institution that it's always a treat to be dining there. A gastromical feast with such wonderful company elevates this meal to my hall of fame.

Since Gunther has left the kitchens of Les Amis, Thomas has taken over the helm.

Their styles, as I understand from my learned friend who dines there so frequently that the staff refer to the restaurant as his "canteen", is rather different, with Chef Thomas leaning towards the lighter flavours.

I cannot be sure if I prefer either style, but I do think that Chef Thomas tries very hard to incorporate lots of different flavours and textures into each dish.

This was my chosen starter - truffle ravioli. The ravioli was stuffed with different kinds of mushroom, and fragrant black truffles were shaved over it. It was served with wilted spinach and some reduction.

We both had the same main - turbot with lobster foam. Our waiter described it as very delicate fish cakes. I quite agree. It was very light, like eating air.

We both had the same dessert - pear sorbet with apple canelloni. The apple pastry had a tinge of cinnamon in it, which made me feel very Christmassy.

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