Wednesday, June 03, 2009

7 ate Nine @ #01-36 Esplanade Mall

The good news is, DH finally finished his exams (and he did really really well too)! The bad news is,he has to start work at a new hospital immediately after he finished his exams. No time for a break at all. I originally thought we could do a staycation at Sentosa, but nope, it was not possible.

Oh well, he promised that we would still try to spend time together.

We went to watch a movie yesterday after work. But we promised his mom that we would still go back for dinner. So it was a rather rushed kinda thing. And since we met after work, we went in separate cars, and left separately. Didn't feel at all like a date! Told DH that it didn't count as one.

For those who are wondering, we went to watch Terminator Salvation. I thought it was rather nice - the boys were goodlooking, very ruggedly so. They all had very nice straight and shiny teeth (I Like!). In an environment where fuel, food, clothes are all scarce... it's quite a wonder that the girls in the show all seem to have easy access to rose/coral lipstick though. Lol. I dont know if it's because I am now too old... it just seems that all the movies that I have watched appear to have a rehash of the same old themes - messiah theme (he came to save the world / he sacrificed himself in the end), machines take over the world for the humans' greater good theme, falling in love with the "supposed" enemy theme.

So today we had lunch!

I asked him what he felt like eating, and gave him a few recommendations - Japanese (Kome), Italian (Bonta), French (Gunther's) or tapas-style bites (7atenine)... unfortunately, he chose 7atenine! I was rather hoping to go somewhere new (he hasn't tried any of the above, but I have tried Kome and 7atenine).

Still, I do think that 7 ate nine is good value for money, and fun to eat.

I am happy, because he came to pick me up, and he was ON TIME. Applause please!

Most of the stuff I tried today were different from what I had previously, except for 3 items - the tomato cheese tart (which DH also liked), the stuffed beef on hot stone (DH thought it was interesting) and the truffle risotto (which DH also liked). I guess these items are firm favourites. Anyhow, they were good, so we ordered repeats of the tart and the risotto.

Duck Rillette with caviar. It was quite tasty, with an interesting contrast in flavours and textures. I like rillette and I like caviar. Somehow, together, it should have been a good match, but maybe just a tad salty.

Chicken Caesar Salad - it was nice, but the chicken tasted salty, more like chicken ham. Otherwise I thought it was pretty good.

Soft shell crab - a crowd pleaser. Crispy and tasty. But not unique.

This was a winner - Goat's cheese ravioli in crab bisque. Loved the texture of the ravioli (smooth and silken), loved the tasty cheese encased within, loved the crab bisque, which was flavourful and delicious. We of course ordered a repeat of this one too.

Carnivorous DH must have his meats, so the above was one of his favourites. Braised Veal with polenta. Their polenta is creamy and tasty. The last time I had the polenta here, it was also very well received. The veal was tender and full of the gelatinous tendony bits, which we liked. We ordered a repeat of this one.

This is roasted beef flank with enoki mushrooms. This was very nice and although not super tender, it was quite tasty. We also ordered a repeat of this one.

Our array of desserts. We were stuffed by the time desserts arrived, to be honest. They all looked very pretty. On the spoons were a mango sorbet, then a chocolate truffle ball on a stick with a sweet earl grey jelly, and then a brownie with vanilla ice cream.

DH spent quite a fair bit of his time playing with his phone though! He can't seem to stop texting at the table! So, I shall tell him that this date doesn't quite count either. He shall have to take me out again!! haha.


Keropok Man said...

Must go there one of these days.

I am also guilty of always texting and replying emails on my phone. LOL..

Chocolate Reindeer said...

KM: yes you should try, it's good value for the things that they serve... LOL, texting at the table is terrible... you guys! can i confiscate the phone?

Sophia said...

So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!