Monday, June 08, 2009

Kome Japanese Dining @ Keppel Club

DH and I wanted to have a quick sushi and sashimi lunch before our movie date - State of Play at Vivocity Gold Class!

So we headed to Kome Japanese Dining. I come here for lunch pretty frequently, because they have pretty good, value-for-money bento set lunches. think sashimi, chawanmushi, mentaiko cod, tempura, with a salad starter and a fruit dessert for only SGD22.90. Usually I add a scoop of sesame ice cream if I am not too stuffed.

Chef Lawrence Chia is the brother of Ronnie Chia (Tatsuya) so I think they both employ the same marketing tactics - good and fresh sashimi at reasonable, value-for-money prices.

So this is our current favourite restaurant..

We went for an omakase sashimi and sushi lunch. Although if you are on a budget, they have a very reasonable ala carte buffet lunch for SGD38pp.

Our sashimi platter - includes toro and botan ebi. All delicious. Melted in my mouth.

We loved all the sushi that we were served - toro, uni, ikura, aburi hotate with mentaiko, aburi salmon belly with savoury garlic sauce. I was too busy oohing and ahing over the delicious morsels to take any photos at first... but when this seared foie gras on white tuna sushi arrived, i had to take a photo. It was simply divine.

See, DH and I are totally happy!

We then made our way to the GV Gold Class cinema to catch our screening of State of Play. I thought the movie was so-so... but I loved the whole experience of Gold Class. The comfortable reclining arm chairs, the wide array of hot food available, the proper cutlery, silver ware and glassware, the proper service. I felt pampered. We ordered wines (1 red, 1 white), a cheese platter and nachos with dips. It was decadent.

So I really enjoyed our movie date and so did DH. It was very extravagant, but luxuriously so.

The kids are just too funny these days.. Look at Sweetie's expression! "Mom, who's that guy next to me?"

And check this one out.. it totally cracks me up - "Am I pretty, mom?"

Then, we brought the kids swimming over the weekend. It was too hot, and so I capitulated and went swimming with them.

It was Sweetie's first visit to the pool! And yes, she sure enjoyed it! It was great fun seeing how she just kicked and splashed and squealed in delight.

Cutie found some friends straightaway. He is a very sociable kid.

Borrowed their water gun and aimed it right at me.

I just love bonding with my kids - and swimming on hot and sunny days is one of the best ways of doing just that!


ice said...

hi vivien, how much was your sashimi sushi omakase at kome? I'm keen to try.

Anonymous said...

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