Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dian Xiao Er @ Vivocity

Went for lunch with DB at Vivocity.

I like lunching with him... he is fun to talk to.. And he isnt so self absorbed like other youngsters who only talk about themselves or their own angsty issues... He can discuss current affairs, he has intelligent views, and he is concerned enough to ask about me and the kids.

We went ala carte... and chose our faves.

The fried rice (SGD9) here is good. Each grain of rice is tasty and redolent with the fragrance of wok hei. I also like their fried vermicelli.. also has the same wok hei which comes from an experienced hand.

The crocodile soup with almonds (SGD6) used to be more expensive, now all the soups are 6. This was tasty and nice. DM says its too heaty though, should have avoided in these recent times of extreme hot weather.

A close up of the soup. We discovered this wormy things... and were told that these were cordyceps! Sure or not? I know that cordyceps are super expensive! They were crunchy but tasteless. Certainly no herbal taste. The meat tasted alright, not too tough, but certainly not tender either. DB says it tastes like pork.

The signature herbal roast duck - everyone loves it. It is fragrant and tender and delicious.

I can pick up peanuts with my chopsticks! IeatIshootIpost was recently blogging about the right way to hold chopsticks... how do I fare eh?

And, the main reason why I come here. The power chili sauce. Goes well with everything and really has the spicy kick.

Drinks from Queen and Mangosteen. Refreshing. I really needed a break, it has been a crazy week.

Best chocolate ice cream, cutest spoon and takeaway box.

Retail therapy - as I said, it was a crazy week. So, bought clothes for cutie from Club Marc - they are really expensive in the States (just try buying online!) but in its vivo outlet, it seems that they are having perpetual closing down sales.

Bought myself a pretty watch too.


Keropok Man said...

awfully choc has ice cream now?

Chocolate Reindeer said...

KM: Yes yes! it's very very good...