Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peramakan @ Keppel Club

I really should get a membership at Keppel Club. I am here so often! I came here for friday lunch with some girls. And we had a great time.

The last time I came, I honestly didn't find the food that fabulous. Perhaps we ordered the wrong things.

This time however, everything was fantastic. Particularly the company! :)

Assam Udang Nanas(Tangy assam prawns with pineapple) - very appetising and delicious. The gravy was tasty and tangy and really excited the tastebuds.

Spicy Gravy Chicken (Ayam Rendang) - this was tasty and the chicken was tender.

Grilled squid (Sotong Bakar) - my favourite! It was delicious! The squid was perfectly tender, right texture, fragrantly grilled. The sauce covering it was slightly spicy and very yummy.

We also shared otah and sambal kang kong, but i was too busy eating to take any photos.

Our shared dessert of apom balik - fluffy pancakes with warm banana syrup. The pancakes were warm and soft and delicious. The banana syrup was not too sweet and had real chunks of banana. We also each ordered a durian chendol... I forgot to take a photo of it, but its in the group photo below. It was delicious and although it tasted very rich, it didn't feel rich, it felt most refreshing.

Looking forward to the next one, girls!


Keropok Man said...

Their babi ponteh is one of my fav too. Their other desserts are nice.

It's been a long time since I went there. hehe...

Chocolate Reindeer said...

KM: hahaha... it's very near my office... so it's quite convenient for me.

Maria said...

wow this is the kind of food i love!so creamy delicious! yum!~