Monday, September 10, 2007

Aji by Hanabi @ Vivocity

DH wanted to come to Vivocity to buy something (a British Columbia double-layered windbreaker), so Cutie and I decided to have dinner at Aji by Hanabi (Vivocity, #01-158).

We usually end up having Japanese when Cutie is around, as somehow Cutie has developed a preference for chawanmushi and noodles.

Foie Gras Chawanmushi (SGD16). This is the most expensive chawanmushi I have ever eaten. Except maybe for the sharks' fin chawanmushi, but I didn't pay for that, so I don't know how much that cost.

Its presentation was quite unusual, since it didn't come in the typical cylindrical chawanmushi cup (this was more of a flat dish), and the foie gras was more like a puree on top (rather than the cubes of foie gras that I was expecting).

This is obviously modern-fusion Japanese, rather than traditional Japanese. DH and I both enjoyed it though. The foie gras was fragrant and flavourful, and provided a unique twist to this traditional appetiser. I think there might have been a few strands of sharks' fin on top too, which added an interesting texture.

My tempura soba (SGD18). It was beautifully presented - I really liked this bowl which was slightly slanted and therefore made this photo very easy to take. The tempura wasn't very nice as the batter was too thick and too hard. Tempura batter should be really delicate and light, not like eating goreng pisang.

DH's sushi moriwase (assorted sushi, SGD36). DH said it was ok, but nothing exceptional.

Before heading to Vivocity, DH and I brought Cutie to East Coast park. I think he had a good time...

Building sandcastles...

and riding his tricycle...

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