Friday, September 07, 2007

Akashi @ Tanglin Shopping Centre

I enjoyed my lunch at Akashi with Mr C so much, I brought DH to Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road #B1-09).

We asked for an omakase kaiseki for 2.

This is chilled tofu with century egg topping. It was interesting and very tasty. This is my first time trying this, so it was indeed novel and refreshing.

Next up, Sashimi Platter (SGD109) (clockwise from top left: tuna belly (chu toro), flounder, yellowtail (hamachi), salmon and ark shell (akagai)). As you can tell, this is really premium stuff. Mouthwateringly delicious. The slices of sashimi were thick and juicy, and very fresh. I wish they gave us otoro instead of chutoro. Otoro is very very marbled, so it literally just melts in your mouth. That day, when I went with Mr C, they served us otoro. Chutoro is less fatty and less marbled.

braised pork belly. Very tender and juicy. Akin to Chinese braised pork, but this was slightly sweet, probably because of the addition of mirin.

Fried fish. Eaten with a squeeze of lemon, it was crispy and flavoursome. Not at all greasy or heavy.

Chutoro sushi topped with uni. How unique. I've never eaten toro sushi like this. The addition of uni created a burst of flavour and texture in my mouth. As you can see, the serving of toro is very generous.

Clam miso soup to cleanse the palate. This is very very sweet. Not chockful of fish like at Inagiku, but this was sweet and light.

Grape ice cream for me and Yuzu ice cream for DH. DH wanted to go for macha ice cream again but I vetoed him. Both were served with soft red beans. I recently had lots of Japanese grapes (both the tiny champagne ones and the large black Kyoho ones), so I was still in a midst of a grape craze. I am amazed how Japanese grapes can taste so much sweeter than any other grapes I have ever eaten. So fragrant and the grape flavour just pervades all your senses. And the texture! They are so firm, almost like a grapey jelly. Nothing like any other grape I have ever eaten. How do they do it?

Cutie also went to Akashi (if you look at the photos above closely, you see his hands in one of the shots). Cutie had chawanmushi, which he liked, but his favourite part of the meal was playing with the bowls and spoons that the restaurant staff placed in front of him.

Inclusive of 2 glasses of shochu (japanese plum wine) with soda, we paid a reasonable sum of about SGD200.

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