Thursday, August 23, 2007

Akashi @ Tanglin Shopping Centre

This was seriously the best meal that I have had in a long long while - in terms of food quality and in terms of company. Thanks very much Mr C!

I didn't want to be rude, so I refrained from taking photos initially... and then really regretted not commemorating this fantastic meal with a gushing blog post.

Here's the menu:

1. amuse bouche: braised swordfish with miso paste

2. grilled shellfish with mentaiko paste (in shell)

3. sashimi - otoro, salmon, hamachi and surf clam

4. grilled pufferfish strips with tobikko mayo

5. shellfish in a huge shell done 2 ways - sashimi and grilled

6. grilled beef short ribs

7. fried whole fish

8. otoro sushi

and so I couldn't stand it any longer and had to take some photos... pardon my rudeness guys.

The most indulgent chawanmushi I have ever had in my life. Chawanmushi with sharks' fin. oooh, delicious. Slippery wobbly chawanmushi paired with combs of sharks' fin.

Then we had clam miso soup, with rice in it. Sort of like teochew seafood porridge. It was very sweet because of all the yummy clam juices.

Platter of Japanese fruits - which were very sweet. I find Japanese fruits somehow a lot sweeter. Wonder how they do it.Thanks TL for introducing this drink to me. Shoju (plum wine) with soda water. Very refreshing!

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