Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last month, DH and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. It has been an eventful 3 years, and we did have much to celebrate and give thanks for.

DH, he was so sweet! He custom-made a diamond tennis bracelet and diamond dangly earrings for me. *touched*

On the day itself, we both took the day off work and booked a room at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

We watched a movie (Harry Potter), and then we went for afternoon drinks at the Suntec City Guildhouse.

It was fun! We had 3 martinis each. The bar snacks they provided were so good, spicy and crispy bits of large ikan bilis. Be careful you don't bite into a large chili instead.

The red one is cranberry and the other is a lychee martini. SGD19 for 3.

We shared chicken wings (SGD6.90), not bad but rather ordinary.

And we also had these escargot in herb butter (SGD10), which were quite good for the price we paid.

On the whole we had lots of fun. We also went for foot massages, picked up Cutie from Por Por's house, crashed out at Pan Pac.

Then had a lovely lunch at Pan Pac's Italian restaurant -Zambuca.

My main of squid ink risotto with lobster and other seafood (scallops, I think) (SGD39) was a feast for the eyes and palate. The risotto was al dente and had the right amount of bite, and the seafood was fresh and succulent.

DH's perch wrapped in foil was so easy to do, I really don't think it should have cost SGD39. It was good, tender and sweet.

It was a lovely celebration, I had a really good time.

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