Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tokyo Gastronomy

In Tokyo, we had several very good meals, especially our kaiseki dinner set on our last night at Keio Plaza Hotel. Our lunch the next day, at another Japanese restaurant in the same hotel, was also excellent. However, as we were taking turns to look after Cutie, we didn't have a chance to take any photos.

Ramen, about SGD 10. On our first night, we met up with DH's cousin and his lovely girlfriend. They brought us to Kabukicho for ramen. This place is a favourite with Bryan-san and Mariko-san as the soup stock is super thick, almost like a gravy. The egg was of course fantastic (in fact all the eggs we had in Japan were like this, soft boiled, with a core of perfect yolk).

We met another lovely couple, Sean's colleague and his Japanese wife, for lunch. It was a late lunch because they kindly brought us to the JR station to change our passes.

This place was at the 6th floor of Isetan, where all the restaurants were, and it's called Rosan.

We ordered 2 of this sushi platter, costing about SGD 80 each (JPY63,000). It was the premium sushi platter, and while it was good, we have had better the last time we were in Japan.

We then walked downstairs to the food hall in B1 of Isetan. How cute! they had these watermelons in such adorable shapes! I understand that they grow these things in sturdy paper boxes or something...

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