Monday, August 27, 2007

Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Hotel

Pardon the poor pictures, the lighting was bad in such a posh restaurant.

We were here celebrating DM's birthday so DH chose a lavish set fitting the occasion.

Just a few highlights:

This was braised home-made tofu with bird's nest. It was delicious. Although a waste to use the bird's nest this way. It was, as you would imagine, rather tasteless by itself and absorbed the flavours of the braising stock. White fungus would have done the same job.

This is lobster in a very rich crab roe gravy. It was delicious, but by this time we were really stuffed.

We also had foie gras and lamb etc.


Cutie really enjoyed himself... He loved having Por Por's birthday cake in front of him... He wanted to blow the candle... and kept giggling when we said... wait, wait for Por Por to blow...

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