Monday, September 10, 2007

Chat Masala @ Upper East Coast Road

DH and I have reached our verdict.

Between Chat Masala and Kinara, Chat Masala wins hands down. We came here for dinner over the weekend, and although both places were quite crowded, we opted for Chat Masala.

Actually Chat Masala's naans were not as fluffy as those in Kinara. Although these naans were still enjoyable. We ordered 2 garlic naans, 1 cheese naan, and 1 lacha paratha.

Fish curry. This was slightly tangy and spicy. With 3 sizeable chunks of fish. MIL liked this gravy best.

Butter chicken. This was creamy and delicious. DH's and my favourite. It was not spicy-hot, but it had a nice fragrance of spices.

Palak Paneer. This is cubes of cottage cheese cooked in pureed spinach. It's a really healthy dish, and it was also delicious.

We mopped up the gravy from all the dishes. I think the choices tonight were excellent. Kinara's dishes are too salty for my palate, but Chat Masala's dishes are all interesting and delicious, with a perfect pairing of spices and textures. I particularly like the fact that everything takes effort to prepare and tastes different. (you know, not like some places where the fish, the chicken, the beef are all covered with the same boring sauce).

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