Monday, June 18, 2007

Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam

I was in Ho Chi Minh City for a very short sojourn.

As almost all my meals were catered (and very good meals they were too!), I didn't have a chance to wander and try the street foods that my friend D (of Dancing Blue Seal) recommended.

I managed to take in some sights... visited Ben Thanh Market and bought some snacks home for the family (passionfruit at SGD1 per kg, and roasted lotus seeds at SGD1.80 per kg).

At the corner of Ben Thanh Market, my friends and I ended up having afternoon tea at Pho 2000, the beef pho place where Bill Clinton famously had a meal.

Pho bo dac biet (230,000 VND, roughly SGD2.30). The soft and smooth kway teow (sorry, pho) was slurpilicious. This pho bo contained beef slices, chewy tendon, brisket (beef with some fat and some hard muscly bits) and beef balls sliced in half. Much better than anything I've ever had in Singapore. The broth was so sweet and flavoursome, infused with beefy and herby aroma.

Cha Gio / Prawn Spring Rolls (roughly SGD2.80). 2 whole prawns in each roll, with some other things like vermicelli and vegetables. This was crispy and well-fried. I was too full to eat more than 1 piece though.

The can of coke we had was relatively more expensive, at SGD1.80 each.

So the 3 of us had a very decent meal for SGD4 each.

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D said...

Glad to see that you managed to try pho2000 at least. It's definitely better than what we get in Singapore, one of the best phos I had was actually in Boston. America has some really good pho houses. A pity you didn't get down to trying some of the street stuff, but there's always a next time.