Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Orange Lantern @ #01-98 HarbourFront Centre

I used to come here quite frequently before megamall Vivocity opened up and lured me over with its extensive array of shops and restaurants.

I was in the mood for a vietnamese pho dac biet (beef rice flat noodles soup with everything - tendon, beef balls and brisket) and as there isn't a vietnamese restaurant in Vivocity, I came over for a quick bite.

However, I was enticed by the grilled beef with rice vermicelli (SGD8.50) and decided to order this one instead.

It was a good choice.

The slices of beef were fragrant, slightly smoky-sweet and a little chewy. The rice vermicelli was somewhere in between thin bee hoon and laksa bee hoon, and went quite well with the tangy dressing and generous crushed peanuts that were provided. I created my own special dressing by adding lots of sliced chili padi to the dressing, so it was spicy and tart at the same time. Ooh, added oomph!

In this set, one has a choice between prawn paste on sugar cane (as above) or a fried spring roll. I chose this one as I like gnawing on the sugar cane, but the spring roll isn't too bad either.

Quite an enjoyable quick lunch.


D said...

I've walked passed this place a few times but never tried because I thought it looked pseudo heh. I used to go down to Harborfront to meet up with friends for lunch when I used to work closeby. I've hardly been there since, I've not even gone to the spanking new Vivocity yet!

Zen said...

D: err, haha, it's not as great as say, indochine... but, with realistic expectation levels, it is not bad...