Monday, April 09, 2007

Spizza @ HarbourFront Centre

Spizza, with a few branches across the island, is a dependable fallback for thin crust pizzas.

DH, ever the woefully ignorant one, has never been to Spizza, so despite the plethora of choices available in HarbourFront / Vivocity, we ended up here.

We started with the Cesare Salad (SGD 9 - "why must we pay money to eat grass?!" moaned DH, "I want to eat calamari!"). I silenced him with my best mommy stare and stated categorically, "Greens are good for you!". This shall be good practice for when Baby gets older. Hopefully it won't be necessary.

I liked the Cesare salad, which admittedly wasn't a very large portion. It had the requisite greens, shaved parmesan and croutons in a tasty anchovy dressing.

DH ordered 2 large pizzas (SGD 16 for regular and SGD 19 for large).

The Laura was the quattro formaggio one, ie 4 cheeses. Ooh, and what strong cheeses they were. One was definitely a blue cheese, its distinctive blue veins were still visible, and so was it's distinctive whiff. After the initial shock, we gobbled this one down quite quickly as the aroma grows on you.

The Sofia was the seafood one, and it was quite good. It got a little soggy in the centre because the ingredients were still moist when the pizza was served, but that isn't a big problem if one eats quickly.

There is a promotion for Amex card holders - 15% off.

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