Friday, May 11, 2007

Inagiku Japanese Restaurant @ Raffles City Shopping Centre (again!)

As you would know, Inagiku is an all-time favourite of DH and I. We like to sit at the sushi counter and banter with the chefs there. Chef Watanabe is strong and silent and reserved and doesn't say much. Edmund and Anson are chirpy and jovial and love poking fun at each other.

We started with the Hana sushi sashimi set to share (SGD165). You get 3 thick juicy slices each of 5 types of sashimi (toro, salmon, hotate, snapper or yellowtail, and something else and a crab claw), and also several different types of sushi (uni, ikura, botan ebi, toro, akagai...). What a visual and gastronomic feast.

This is anago rice balls, compliments of the chef. That's the good thing about sitting at the counter. The chefs like to serve free things and tidbits to you. I think I am beginning to prefer anago to unagi.

DH and I are in love with botan ebi at the moment. Not to be confused with Ama ebi, which are small sweet prawns. Botan ebi is a big fat prawn with a giant head, which looks a bit like lobster claws. It is sweet and juicy. The heads can also be battered and fried into a crisp, and eaten with a little lemon and salt.

Those guys are so funny. They saw me taking photos of the dishes as they came right and considerately arranged the plates nicely for me. Then once I started eating, I stopped taking photos of the subsequent dishes... and Edmund comes up to me and says: "sorry sorry, this maguro salad not well done, not very pretty... " I thought he was being modest and told him that it was very good... and then Edmund says: "then, then, why never take photo?"
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