Friday, May 11, 2007

Wahiro @ Katong Mall

This is a little non-descript corner shop in quiet Katong Mall, Wahiro. It is run by a Japanese chef, who used to head restaurant Suntory, so it's supposed to be pretty good.

This is tempura anago, sea eel (as opposed to unagi, river eel, which is less sweet and fat, I understand). This was good. Light tempura batter, served hot and crispy.

I can't say I liked the sashimi. I don't think it was well sliced. Both times I had sashimi at this place, the guy served block-like pieces (imagine mahjong tiles, but not as fat). I don't think sashimi should be served like that. maybe the guy can't get good big pieces of fish.

This is the Wahiro set. cost about SGD35. I think there were a few more items that were served earlier like chawanmushi.

All in all, not too bad, but I prefer Inagiku.

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