Friday, May 11, 2007

Man Fu Yuan @ Intercontinental Hotel

Man Fu Yuan serves modern Cantonese cuisine. At about 8 pm, they were almost full, but we were ushered to a table immediately. I liked this place because it wasn't noisy like some Chinese restaurants are, and the dishes were all excellent. Well, although I've had the Intercontinental dining privileges card for close to a year now, I seldom come over here to eat. The lack of parking and congestion just gets to DH and I.

However, we came over for a late dinner, and realised that the food here is really quite good. It's a Hong Kong chef, so the flavours are more subtle, more delicate and very very nice.

Shark cartilage soup with fish maw (SGD20). This was seriously good stuff. Sufficiently gummy, with the most unctiously slippery piece of fish maw one can imagine. Best of the 3 shark cartilage soups I have had in recent weeks. I want to eat this again! DH ordered this for me, we are still on a the lookout for good shark bone / shark cartilage soup, and this one is right at the top of the list. I love the gummilicious taste of slippery fish maw. I don't like the fried ones at all. Those taste like.. uhm, tau pok.

Claypot braised beancurd with prawn and shimeiju mushrooms. Also excellent. The prawns were sweet and the tofu was smooth and wobbly. The gravy was savoury with a little hint of spiciness.I ordered the steamed sea perch with Chinese rice wine SGD 14 per portion, as I thought it was healthier.
But I preferred DH's baked sea perch with miso and garlic cream, also SGD14.

This is Japanese somen (thin rice noodles, like mian xian but is not as salty) with crab meat. It was a light and savoury dish. Baby really likes this!

THIS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE MEAL. DH and I loved this so much, we wished we hadn't stuffed ourselves so much earlier so that we could have eaten 2 portions of this delicious orh nee (yam paste) with sweet gingko nuts and... not coconut cream, but almond cream! It was light and sweet and healthy! LOVE THIS.

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jo said...

oh!!!! you went to man fu yuan!!!! have always wanted to go there but end up going somewhere else... heard so much about it... didn't know they serve orh nee!!! now i wanna go there the moment i can eat solids!!