Friday, May 11, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Vivocity

Whenever I feel like having a huge meal, I tend to lean towards Japanese, as I have the notion that it is lighter and therefore healthier to binge on.

I never really had a chance to go to the various branches of Sushi Tei often, since they are not as ubiquitous as say, Sakae Sushi. I had thought that Sushi Tei would be similar to Sakae Sushi - conveyor belt sushi restaurant, how good can it be right? wrong!

Sushi Tei's selection is quite varied and unique and they serve all these rice rolls like caterpillar, dragon and phoenix rolls. Quite yummy and interesting.

Chawanmushi with ikura. Not bad, and pretty generous with the ikura.

Pretty things, and not too expensive. Tastewise, the orange tobbiko was the nicest.

Ooh, all for me, this grilled salmon cheek! Yummy. I would have preferred yellowtail, but they didn't have it.

This is supposedly aburi toro, my most favouritest food in the world. Well, it was probably fatty maguro, rather than toro, since it was only SGd4 a pop. So it had the smokey seared taste of aburi, but fell short of the oily, fatty distinctive taste of good toro.

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jo said...

have tried sushi tei @ vivocity a couple of times. somehow it's always not as satisfying as the sushi tei @ ngee ann city. the jelly fish at ngee ann city seems much fresher and crispier... heh heh... shld go there.. =)