Monday, May 14, 2007

Global Kitchen @ Pan Pacific Hotel

Global Kitchen is a recently refurbished restaurant in Pan Pacific Hotel, and is quite haute cuisine. It's got blue glass panelling and lots of white cushions, and honestly doesn't look very comfortable. I prefer warm colours in restaurants myself.

Nevertheless, DH and I came by for dinner with baby one day.

DH had the set and I ordered off the ala carte menu.

This was a bit misleading. The menu said "beefsteak carpaccio"... turns out that they were tomato slices. Beefsteak tomatoes, not beefsteak. I didn't question the staff, but I still feel a little cheated.

DH's appetiser. It was called duo of foie gras. and it was very good. The foie gras had a lovely caramelised exterior and a soft yielding centre. It was served with a slice of fig and that complemented the foie gras very well. The little shot glass contained a foie gras custard, warm and slightly sweet, it was fantastic.

Consomme of something. in a shotglass. It looked very pretty but I cannot remember how it tasted.
My main of squid ink pasta with mushrooms. It was too salty.

DH's tenderloin was perfect. It was tender and delicious and the black truffles were great, so fragrant. It was very artistically plated too.

We had a dessert, and a cheese platter. I think the cheese platter was complimentary. So sweet of the waiter. I made a remark about how I liked blue cheese, and he came out with a plate of cheeses for me to try.

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