Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wild Rocket @ Hangout Hotel (Yes again!)

Well, I admit we haven't been adventurous.

So off we trotted, to Wild Rocket, to pay homage to Chef Willin Low's amazing culinary skills.

We shared a crabmeat linguine with tomato chilli cream (SGD 18) as a starter. The linguine was al dente, delicious, hearty and a little spicy, as chili padi is used. This is a half-portion, as the waitstaff had discreetly split the serving into 2 for us. It was an inspired move to add chili padi to the cream, as it cut the cloying heaviness of the cream, and introduced a unique local twist to this dish.

Then DH ordered the duck confit with yam cake (SGD28) which we shared by swopping plates halfway through the meal. The duck was again, excellent. The layers of crispy skin, fragrant fat and tender meat all melting in the mouth to create an interplay of taste and texture. Sheer epicurean delight.

I had the rack of lamb with garam masala (SGD32), which was a generous portion of 3 pieces of tender, delicious and very meaty lamb ribs. The hint of local spices and smokiness on the lamb was just right, and not overbearingly so. I enjoyed this one the last time, and knew DH would like it. Both mains were so good, DH and I had no problems polishing them off. We couldn't decide which main we preferred.

DH's dessert of affogato (SGD8) was a scoop of ice cream with hot expresso poured over it. I didn't try it, but I think DH sure liked it.

My dessert of kueh boloh tiramisu (SGD8.80) was also very good, the liquer-tinged cheese was delicious. Kueh boloh, as most of you know, is the round shaped cake that one eats typically during Chinese New Year. It has the same fluffy texture as the ladyfinger cakes that one uses for tiramisu, so it is quite a good idea to substitute kueh boloh, for a more local flavour.

Once again, excellent.


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