Monday, January 08, 2007

Nanjya Monjya (Yes, again!)

Well, DH and I know that we haven't been very adventurous. This time, we truly intended to try a new restaurant called Aburiya at Robertson Quay. However, we lost our way, and ended up at our dependable favourite Nanjya Monjya.

We tried to be adventurous in what we ordered.

The maguro avocado salad (SGD10) was very pricey for such a small portion, but it was very good. The tuna was fresh, and the avocado was sweet, and it went very well.

The marinated squid (SGD8) was too salty and slimy for me, but DH enjoyed it a lot.

The konnyaku Dengaku (SGD8) was something that I saw on Japan Hour and wanted to try. Konnyaku is a type of japanese yam, ground into flour. It's kinda chewy and crunchy. I've eaten sweet konnyaku as a dessert, and wanted to try it as a savoury starter. This one is eaten with miso paste on top. I liked it, but DH wasn't very impressed.

Then, the tofu mentaiko cheese (SGD14), which arrived sizzling in a hotplate. Also pricy, considering the small portion, but again very very good. We ordered this one the first time we came, and we liked it then. It is so fragrant and tasty. DH says that he would love to just keep eating the cheese alone.

We chose a tororo dama okonomiyaki (SGD19) which means that it contains pure yam paste and squid. The other types of okonomiyaki on the menu contain flour, so I am told. Pretty good, but not as fun, since we were not allowed to cook this one ourselves.

We decided to upgrade our beef from jyo karubi to wagyu ribeye (SGD35). Mmmm. well worth it. It was more tender, and more fragrant. I don't think it was more fatty though.

We ordered a negishio jyo karubi (SGD25) for comparison. It was quite marbled and fatty, but a little less tender.

We cooked the meats side by side for a better comparison. And did a taste test. Yep, the wagyu was more tender.

Beef tongue (SGD16) and beef intestines (SGD8) rounded off a lovely meal.

It's not cheap, but it's really very delicious.


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