Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wild Rocket @ Hangout Hotel (again!)

I went to Wild Rocket for lunch today. The maitre' d who took my reservation exclaimed, "but you were here for dinner yesterday!". I meekly admitted my guilt.

I tried to explain in my defence, that it was because well, this group of friends hadn't been here yet. The truth is, I am enamoured with Chef Willin Low. His cooking, his style, his unassuming manners, his easy-going demeanour.

By sheer coincidence, we bumped into another group of colleagues who were having a team lunch there and generously invited us to join them. Which we did. Hey, free lunch, why not?

It was a set menu of Wild Rocket's signature dishes.

The seared tuna with rocket leaves (also known as rucola) was lovely. The tuna was lightly seared and still pink in the centre, and paired well with the fresh rocket leaves.

The laksa pesto linguine with prawns and quail's egg, a perenial favourite, was perfect. It was fragrant, and not too cloying.

My chosen main of roast lamb cutlet with garam masala dressing was unique and excellent. It was tasty, with the right amount of fragrance and a hint of spices. The lamb was tender, but not too fatty.

The dessert choices - strawberry cheesecake and lava chocolate cake - were both very well done, and I enjoyed my cheesecake very much even though I had tried it just the night before.

Willin, ever the engaging one, came to bid us goodbye as we left. I had a short chat with him, and promised to return. Willin mentioned that they were expanding to the premises next door, with a bar serving drinks too. I can't wait!


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