Monday, December 20, 2010

Gunther's @ 36 Purvis Street

The foodblogger community had a lunch here not too long ago. Being stuck in Australia meant that I wasnt able to attend.

Nevertheless, a trip here was necessary seeing how well-reviewed the cold angelhair pasta with oscietra caviar was.

The complimentary amuse bouche of prawn tempura.

So, we came here and ordered the pasta as a starter to share ($60).

It was very fragrant, dressed in an obviously very good quality olive oil, and topped with a generous mound of caviar. This caviar (well it's only the 2nd time I
have tried it) is very different from say, ebiko (flying fish roe). It's not fishy and it doesn't "pop" in your mouth. The taste is rich yet very subtle, very smooth.

Then we shared a roasted rack of black pig (2 person serving at $75pp). It was tender, so melt in your mouth tender. It also had a richness to the meat. And, funnily enough, there were different parts to the meat, one side was more "white" meat, and the other side was more "dark" meat. Sort of like chicken where there is breast and thigh portions, but in the same piece of meat. I know the description sounds odd and probably not very appetising, but it was good!

Complimentary petit fours, which were generous and delicious too.

And a pic of Sweetie.

She's really grown up huh?

Playing hide and seek, and she is always so thrilled when she is found. haha.

And here is Cutie, being well, cute.

Yep, Cute.


Keropok Man said...

Your kids are so adorable!

Bloggers meet at Gunther's was in May 2009? Time flies eh?

M. eats said...

I'm glad your blog is still 'alive'! your children are really beautiful :)

Chocolate Reindeer said...

KM: thanks! yeah, was so long ago! Pity I missed that one! Are you organising this year's??

Mia: Hello dearie!! good to hear from you! yes, they are all grown up!