Monday, December 13, 2010

Waku Ghin, Marina Bay Sands

It was a great experience. from the moment you step in, you feel as though you are transported to a different universe where the food is out of this world, and the service is impeccable.

Our first course was a fresh oyster with yuzu dressing. It disappeared too quickly and I forgot to take a photo.

This is a signature favourite, and I can see why. Sweet creamy uni paired with crunchy botan ebi and beluga caviar. It was a divine medley of tastes and textures that sent one straight to gastronomic heaven.

Did you know, they are so particular about serving the best that the spoon that we used was a mother of pearl spoon? This is because caviar afficionadoes are of the view that the taste of caviar is affected if metallic silverware is used.

Grilled alaskan king crab leg. Sweet, meaty, delicious.

Unfortunately, we did not sample the rest of the menu. One my guests at the table had food poisoning the night before and was unwell. As the dinner progressed, he got worse and we had to take him to the hospital.

And this was when the restaurant's service standards really were put to the test, which they passed with flying colours.

I wrote the following letter to commend them:

From: Teng, Vivien
Sent: Monday, December 13, 2010 11:47 AM
To: wakughinreservation
Cc: sean_leo
Subject: RE: Reservation for 11 december 2010 - THANK YOU

Dear Sirs

I would like to commend your staff and your kitchen for a wonderful dining experience on Saturday 11 December 2010.

I arrived for with my 2 guests for dinner on Saturday. One of my guests had food poisoning the night before and was not completely well. He had requested for only cooked food for his set. However, he felt worse as the dinner progressed and eventually we had to take him to the Accident and Emergency department (at the Singapore General Hospital). We were thus compelled to abandon our meal after having had only 3 courses.

Your staff were reassuring and accommodating throughout the entire time. When Chef Yazawa learned that I had to leave despite not being able to complete the set dinner, he took the initiative to waive the cost of the dinner, thereby charging me only for the drinks that we had ordered. I was more than prepared to make payment for the full dinner but I was assured that the restaurant would welcome my reservation at a later date. Your Maitre’D (who was also from Sydney where I lived) was very kind and tried to alleviate my distress and discomfort.

Your staff certainly made a traumatic experience so much more tolerable with their kindness, understanding and compassion. It has made an indelible imprint in the minds of both myself and my guests. The professionalism and graciousness of your staff has made the difference in transforming this restaurant from a great restaurant to an exceptional one. Please convey my gratitude to your staff, particularly to your chef and Maitre’D.

I have to add that the food that we managed to try were superb, and were a gastronomic delight.

I will definitely return, and I will definitely inform others of the remarkable experience I have had.

Once again, thank you.

Best regards

Vivien Teng

This was their gracious response.

From: Wakughin []
Sent: Monday, December 13, 2010 1:40 PM
To: Teng, Vivien Yuet Ying
Subject: FW: Reservation for 11 december 2010 - THANK YOU

Dear Vivien,

Thank you so much for your such a kind email.
Hope your guest is alright now after the night.

Please do give us a call for another booking and we are looking forward to welcoming you.

Many thanks
Hitomi Matsumoto – Guest Relation

10 Bayfront Avenue, Level 2 (Casino), Singapore 018956
T +65 6688 8507 | F +65 6688 8531
W (Launching soon)

So, you can see, the difference between a good restaurant and an exceptional one, lies not in its food (which of course is important) but in the service. And for that, Waku Ghin has my loyalty from now on.


ice said...

Hey vivien, are you back for good?

Keropok Man said...

Oh.. what a pity to abandon the meal halfway.

You should go back!

Yup, the service at GW was excellent!

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Hi Ice: yes! Quick email me at I miss reading your blog!

KM: yah lah, I also say... will be going again soon, but December is the month of feasting, very hard to get weekend reservations..