Monday, December 27, 2010

Kuriya Fine Dining @ Central

Happy Holidays! Greetings from the Chocolate Reindeers! We've had a great holiday, did you have a good one too?

When DH and I got back to SG, one of the first things we did was to go on a date. We really missed that when we were in Aussieland on our own. We didnt do the common thing - which was to hire a sitter to take care of the kids - so we never ever had dates.

And since there were so many new restaurants to try out in Singapore, we had a good reason to have date night!

Kuriya Fine Dining at Central was a great choice, it had both excellent food, drinks and a gorgeous sky view. Plus, they didnt allow children under 15. So it seemed to us that it would be an ideal date place. And it was!

I honestly cannot remember what this starter was. Is it foie gras? Chicken? Tofu? You take a guess.

Grilled Gingko nuts, lightly salted. They are chewy, and warm and salty and a little sweet. DH's first time trying it, and he loved it. I think this is very typical Japanese izakaya fare, perfect with that glass of sake.

Sashimi was delicious, and very beautifully presented.

This was beancurd skin with unagi and foie gras stuffed within. Very interesting and definitely very tasty.

This is Oden, a Japanese yong tau foo. Nice but not as nice as the foie gras. The sweetish gravy was rather similar though.

DH's main of wagyu steak came at an additional price.

My main of grilled fish, which was nicely done.

So our dining experience was very interesting because, when we arrived we were ushered to the bar area for our complimentary welcome drinks. Then we sat at the table in the dining hall where we were served our appetisers and mains.

Then we had our dessert, which was served buffet style on a trolley.

We picked the seasonal japanese fruit. Love Japanese grapes especially!

And they had different kinds of parfaits for you to pick from. DH and I liked the sesame best.

Our dessert was served in the outdoor lounge that was like a little private garden. Very romantic!

We also ordered umeshu on the rocks, my current favourite drink. A bit girly cos its sweet and doesnt have very high alcoholic content but it is sooo refreshing! And they serve it with this huge spherical ice, which was perfect for keeping the drink cold with minimal dilution. I will come back just for this drink alone.

Can you guess where this is?

Highlights from our Hong Kong trip coming up on the next post, stay tuned!


DS said...

yippie... you are back to the blogosphere!!! enjoyed catching up on the backlog of entries!:)

Chocolate Reindeer said...

DS: more updates to come! stay tuned!