Monday, April 13, 2009

Dim Sum Lunch @ Crystal Jade Dining IN

lunched with DC and PC, both classmates from my secondary school and JC days. It's so funny how we have really grown up since our carefree days in school.. and yet, we aren't really that grown up!

Spicy squid. I thought it was going to be calamari, but this is even better. I liked squid generally for its chewy texture. This was also very tasty, with generous bits of chili. I liked this very much. Eat it quick though. It turns hard when it gets cold.

Siew Mai was ordinary. I am not a fan of siew mai. I find it too stodgy.

Spinach dumplings. I liked this for its fresh and tasty filling.

Char Siew Pastry was a winner because it contained lean char siew meat (please dont put fatty bits into it, i dont like that.. and its really not necessary to put fatty bits in order to get tasty char siew). It also has bits of century egg. Not a lot, just a little bit to make it more interesting.

Har gow was smooth and fresh, one of my favourite dim sum items.

fried carrot cake, this was smooth fragrant and superb. This is my 2nd favourite dim sum item and is a must order every time I eat dim sum.

Cheong fun with prawns is my favourite dim sum item of all time (it;s right up there with chicken feet!). I like this because it is smooth and savoury and healthy.


birds' nest dessert. Cutie is learning to take some too. He asked whether it was egg white, since it tasted so eggy.

And I made sandwiches for DH. This is honey baked virginia ham with lettuce, tomatos and brie cheese. Improvised from a cedele sandwich that I had during the week.

I made a version with dressing (honey mustard and french mustard mix) but DH seems to prefer the plain.


D said...

Egg white? Did you tell him it was saliva? =P

Chocolate Reindeer said...

D: haha, that's a good one! Will do that!