Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cutie's Activiities

Cutie has been eating all over town. I guess he is a growing boy, so he is always (and I mean always!) hungry.

He went to the petrol station near our place, and while i was settling the bill, he very swiftly helped himself to a pack of biscuit sticks, made himself comfortable on a low shelf, and started eating.

Luckily the staff at the petrol station know him well and really like him, so no problems with his "eat first, pay later" style.

He tells the cashier, "I am so hungry you know, I have no food". SIGH. People are going to think that we ill-treat this kiddo, and starve him.

Brought Cutie bowling. This was a kiddy event and mommies brought kids there. Cutie was the youngest though. He couldnt bowl very well (not strong enough) but he was very enthusiastic about cheering for his mommy.

He also decided to eat more food at the event. Even though this was after his own dinner at home.

Then we also went to east coast park and he rode on a scooter. We're avoiding crowded areas now, so no more east coast park for the time being.

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