Monday, April 06, 2009

Tokyo Tastings Part 6

Day 3 Breakfast
On the very last day, I was due to fly back to Singapore at 1130 am. So, any normal person would have slept in, had a good breakfast and then headed off to the Narita airport right?

Well, not me.

I cajoled my friends into waking up at 6am with me, and we headed to THE FAMOUS Tsukiji Fish Market for a sushi breakfast!

So happy because I have never ever been there, despite all my frequent trips to Tokyo.

When we arrived they were already clearing up... Not much to see.

We went to the various sushi restaurants within the market.. there were some with really long queues, like sushi daiwa and sushi dai (both very well reviewed on foodblogs and travel guides).
Many of the people in the queue were foreigners, caucasians and tourists. I would think that it is because they dont really speak japanese and can only rely on food guides, so they would head for these tried and tested restaurants rather than elsewhere. So the queues means that these places are visitor-friendly, and may not be a testimony to the standards of sushi here.

I say this because, of course we didnt have time to queue, so we ended up at a sushi joint in between Sushi Daiwa and Sushi Dai, also on block 6, called Sushi Yamazaki.

I took the sushi set for $80. The sushi is served as the chef makes it, so here they are in order:

egg and tuna sushi.

scallop and fresh prawn sushi.

sea urchin sushi

He was nice enough to substitute some of the items in the set upon request. He gave me this glass eel, a seasonal delicacy that I have tried in Singapore in place of something else.

So, above you see glass eel and crab leg sushi.

NC had the chirashi bento. Same price, same stuff, except with sushi rice in a box.

The stuff was so fresh. He took out an abalone, and showed us how it was quivering. Very good marketing gimmick.
I ordered one. and also a toro sushi.

NC ordered toro sashimi. I think it cost $30.
I think it was sliced too thinly. Proper sashimi shouldnt be so thin surely?

Anyway it was fun to finally visit this place after having heard so much about it.

Then we cabbed back to the hotel and I managed to make it to the airport with time to spare.

This was what I had for my airline meal.

Starter: tender warm satay with peanut gravy.

They always serve satay on SQ. It's boring, but nice.

I chose the japanese bento option.

I liked all of them, although some were really too cold.

Chilled cha soba was nice, since it is meant to be eaten cold.

Sakura ice cream dessert was a little harder, and less creamy than what I had at takashimaya food hall basement.

And a cheese platter to round off the meal!

I watched Twilight (a vampire teen romance movie) and quite enjoyed it. The boy isn't good looking in the movie, a little too pale and a little too thin. He looked pretty ok in Harry Potter though. I still quite liked the premise of this movie... all-consuming love (in every sense of the word). Maybe I will watch the next movie when it comes out.

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