Friday, July 18, 2008

Blooie's @ Siglap, Durians and Cutie

Blooie's @ Siglap

This place is amazing. It has survived despite the odds - it's tucked away in the middle of a residential area, with no visible signposts, it's pretty far from the main road, and it's surrounded by car repair workshops.

DH and I both ended work early and decided to have a quick paktor date. We originally wanted to go the the NUSS Guildhouse, but since that was at Suntec and we figured the traffic would get heavy by the time we left Suntec (not to mention ERP charges), we decided on a place a little closer to home.

When we arrived about 6pm, there were already a number of other tables occupied. Wow. where do they come from?

I like this place because it really doesn't seem like a place you would find in Singapore. It's quite homey.. rather dark, with wooden furniture, and more expat clients than local clients. We both think it's like one of those places in Bali, but not the high class type... more like the beach-side type.

We decided to get some drinks and some finger food...
This is DH's choice - Nachos with cheese, guacamole, salsa and chili con carne (SGD12.50). DH likes cheese nachos, he always orders this in the movies. This came out warm and crispy. Not too bad. I preferred dipping the nachos in the cold and slightly spicy salsa, rather than the hot chili con carne. This way it's more refreshing. The chili con carne tasted rather heavy.

My choice of stuffed jalapeno peppers (SGD8.50 for 6 pieces) - DH didn't touch this at all. He remembers from past experience that this can get very spicy, with the burning sensation lasting on the tongue for a long time. I ate one whole, then cheated by only nibbled on the outside and cheese stuffing. Sort of like, how I eat the chili yong tow foo thing.. I only eat the fish stuffing and leave the chili behind...

Anyway, I would still order this again, because it's quite interesting, and I do like the spicy crispy cheesy thing.

DH washed it all down with a pint of Hoegaarden (SGD12?) - There are happy hour prices from 4pm to 8 pm, but Hoegaarden, being a premium lager, isn't on happy hour pricing.


(Tell you a secret, there was another photo I took of DH, drinking from the glass, which looked really funny... but DH, now also known as the Board of Censorship), said he didn't like the photo and didn't want me to put it up on the blog.... then, he gave this mock, long-suffering, "I am so poor thing" sigh... and said, "but I know you will put it up anyway!" haha... therefore in a gesture of good faith, I decided not to put that photo up.... YET!)


Durian season is at its peak, and the durians are fantastic. I've been eating durians every week! And the durians are getting better and better.

Usually, my family buys the durians which cost SGD10 each, or the 3 for SGD20 type - and those already taste very nice.

Last week, we decided to splurge and try a Mao Shan Wang (a highly coveted variety of durian, which is supposed to be creamy, and bittersweet) last week for SGD17 per kg (it was good sized durian so I paid SGD35 for 1 durian). It was very nice and distinctive tasting. Not like the 10 dollar type. It seemed to have more depth of flavour (sweet, then bitter, then sweet again) and definitely it was a lot more creamy. We also bought 4 more durians, the 10 dollar type, just to compare. The 10 dollar ones were very nice too, sweet and fleshy. So if you are not a durian connossieur or if you are not very discerning, I would think the 10 dollar ones are good enough.

Then, yesterday, DH's uncle (thanks very much!), brought 6 Mao Shan Wang durians from Malaysia for us.

It had the distinctive star at the bottom of the durian, so yup, definitely Mao Shan Wang.

We opened them all and tried every one, but of course we couldn't finish them. There are still some in the fridge for dessert tonight!

They were all big and yellow and creamy and smooth and very sweet, with relatively flat seeds. This one was particularly creamy.... like ice cream!

Each durian was a good shape and size, which yielded lots of plump durian seeds.




He is such a happy child... very good natured, very loving... such a joy to have around.

He is very close to his Daddy, and whenever DH is doing something (like surfing the net or reading the papers), he would snuggle up close and peer inquisitively at whatever DH is looking at.

More photographic evidence of Cutie snuggling up to Daddy.

He's very pleased to have taken over DH's laptop...

My 2 darling boys, still fooling around with the laptop.... it's time for bed!

Ok, one last picture.... SMILE!

Don't they look adorable? (OK OK, Cutie probably looks more adorable... )

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