Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Eats and Weekend Treats


DM has lovingly bought bottles of birds' nest for me... so that my baby girl, aka Sweetie, will have lovely soft, fair skin. REALLY! It works! look at Cutie's fair and smooth skin!

DM is usually quite skeptical of birds' nest. She sends me and DS all these spam emails about fake birds' nest and how it is handled very unhygenically in dirty bathtubs on a grimy factory floor.

So it's a testament to how much she loves me and Sweetie, that she actually shelled out good money for this birds' nest (product of Singapore) which is chockful of thick strands of birds' nest.

I keep the bottles in the office, and have them for breakfast... According to wise people, birds' nest is best taken on an empty stomach so that you can absorb all the nutritional effects. So one should take birds' nest either first thing in the morning or last thing before bed.

See how much bird's nest is in the bottle! Not the tiny bottles of broken birds' nest bits eh! Now you see it....

Now, you don't!

National Day Rehearsal Parade Show

We were encouraged to turn up dressed in red, for the occasion. So here are my 2 favourite boys, handsomely decked out in the appropriate colour.
Cutie was all excited at first, about seeing soldiers and helicopters... but in the end, the highlight of his excursion was seeing a big garbage truck up close (I think they had one there because of all the rubbish that the spectators generate).
Honestly, I don't think he paid much attention to the show. Before the show began, he was running around the stands, and generally having fun. Then, first half of the show, he was busy with his goodie bag, rummaging through the stuff, I don't think he knew or cared much about the performance... 2nd half of the show, he got bored and wanted to leave... until we brought him into the air-conditioned VIP lounge... there, he had fun with the other kids...
They catered KFC for the kids, and even brought the Chicken as entertainment!

Cutie and his new friends...
He likes this girl a lot.. She was very maternal... and really took good care of him while I was eating.

Dim Sum at Singapore Island Country Club (SICC)

PC's turn to host our girls' lunch... and she brought us to her club... PC has all these memberships at clubs which PL and I don't... so it's quite a treat for us really, but she always says she feels bad cos her treats are subsidised whereas ours are not... But PC, we won't get to eat at these places if you don't take us! So we are really happy!

The porridge was tasty and smooth... We ordered century egg and fish. Both were nice.

This is probably fishmeat in beancurd skin. Not memorable. I think I only had 1 piece and we didn't finish this.

Oh, one of my favourite dim sum items. Cheong Fun, HK style. I like it with prawns and I like it with char siew. Smooth slippery skin with fresh ingredients.

Roast meat platter - duck, char siew and roast pork. All good.

Our obligatory vegetable of the day - spinach with 3 types of egg (salted, century and normal chicken egg). Quite tasty too.

This is steamed carrot cake with minced meat and lemongrass. It was highly recommended by Vincent our waiter. It was nice, but we were quite full by the time this arrived. I couldn't taste the lemongrass but PL said she could detect a faint fragrance.

Our dessert - Red bean pancake - FANTASTIC. Not oily, not soggy like some versions that I had. This was hot and crispy and flakey. THE BEST.

Thanks PC!

Cuttle Fish Kang Kong Salad at Bedok South Food Centre (Opp Temasek JC)

This place is famous, with lots of reviews and awards plastered on its small glass counter. #01-193. There is always a long queue but the lady and, I assume, her husband, are very efficient and quick so the queue moves pretty quickly.

Portions are generous - available in SGD2, 3 or 5. The above is the SGD5 portion, with lots of tender cuttlefish cooked just right, kang kong (the green vegetable), bean sprouts, slivers of pineapple, topped with a tangy spicy sauce and sprinkled liberally with peanuts. YUMS.


Cutie is getting rather cheeky these days... but he is still very cute..

He just woke up... and we were playing with the computer... I said, smile for the picture, and look! That was his cheeky face!

I said,"No, No, smile! ok?" "OK!" he amiably agreed. or so I thought... He had a very nice smile, ready for the picture, until the moment I took the photo, and then! Look! He stuck his tongue out again! He laughed and laughed and laughed... and his laughter was so infectious, I couldn't help giggling too.

I bought him this flintstone car some time back... (flintstone cos it doesn't have pedals, it runs on leg power only)... but nowadays, he doesn't sit in it anymore... He prefers to climb on the back, and pretend that he is a garbage truck man (if you notice, they tend to hang to the back of the garbage truck and then pick up and throw garbage into the truck)...

Or else, he climbs and lies flat on top of the roof and tells his dad, "look at me! I am an aeroplane!" -_-"

The good thing is, we've already warned him not to do it unless someone is holding the car securely because it could topple and he could fall off and hurt himself. He understands when we explain things like that to him. So now he calls out to us and says, "come and help me, I want to climb up the car!". If we had just forbidden him to do it, he would be very cross.

Sleeping Pics

Cutie used to look very very angelic (see his photos just a few months ago, at DS' wedding...). These days however, his photos look more cheeky than angelic!

His sleeping shots, however, are still very angelic...

I think he looks very sweet in his sleeping pics...

So, I thought I'd share them with you...

Look, he sleeps just like his Daddy! DH won't be too amused with this pic, I imagine... but it's too cute, so I just can't resist! :p

Yup! Just like Daddy!



DS said...

This post is such a heart-warmer! Enjoyed reading it lots... and am super in love with Cutie (and Sweetie!):)

PS: Hmmm, "Cutie and Sweetie"... sounds like some bad translation for characters in a Japanese cartoon! Remember those twinkle star characters?

Chandelier said...

aiyoh cutie is such a sweetie pie....makes me want to have my own kids :) :)

D said...

Woo, bird's nests look good. I love the stuff. I find it tastes similar to eggwhite, I guess it's because they're both protein-based? I used to get the whole dried ones from HK and doubleboil them plain, the reason why I don't get the bottled stuff is that I like to eat the bird's nests with totally no sugar at all.

Chocolate Reindeer said...

DS: Yes, I am re-reading it, and loving Cutie's pics! Oh haha... I am not familiar with Japanese cartoons... do you mean, like Sailor Moon?

Chandelier: Hahaha, yes, Cutie can be lots of fun, and he is very adorable because he says and does the funniest things! But, I am sure, you are very busy with Van Van already...

D: Hey Hey... can you get birds' nest in the US too? Yes, DH and I both find that when we cook birds nest ourselves, there is a very strong eggy taste! The bottled birds' nest doesn't have much of that eggy taste though... My mom just cooked savoury bird's nest.. like in chicken ginseng soup... Maybe you want to try that... if you don't like it sweet...

yixiaooo said...

hey, i agree the red bean pancake at hong yuen (sicc) is crazily awesome!