Friday, July 18, 2008

Shunjuu @ Robertson Quay

I am craving kushiyaki (grilled skewers)... ever since I stumbled on Ice's food blog (Skinnier than the Original), which focusses quite a fair bit on Japanese food... which I love.

So, when my dear friend Mr L suggested lunch, I asked to try Shunjuu Izakaya, which serves kushiyaki. He initially suggested Nicolas, which he says serves a very nice and reasonable set lunch... but it was in any event booked for a private function that day.

Mr L had cold sake... usually cold sake is served in a glass nestled in a bed of ice... but this one, they poured the sake into the glass... and then let it overflow into the wooden box... they explained that it was an auspicious thing to do... and then they wished us overflowing and abundant happiness. Hmmm.. maybe it is just a gimmick? I have never seen this done anywhere else.

The foie gras... It was a little overdone, especially the pieces at the end, as you can see. The last piece is definitely shrivelled up.

The karubi beef. Chewy and nice.

We liked it so much, we ordered it twice.

This is the ox tongue... not chewy enough... I think it should be more thinly sliced?

pork and gizzard. both nice.
enoki mushroom wrapped in beef and pork belly.

chicken skin and quail's egg. the chicken skin was very crispy, the way i like it.

salmon belly. nice.
grilled mentaiko. Salty. Mr L didn't care much for it i think, cos he only had 1 slice. I didnt think it was nice cos it was rather dry.

PL, who recommended this place, had asked me to try the century egg tofu starter, but I forgot to order it... when we had our 2nd round of skewers, I remembered her suggestion, so I ordered 1 portion.

It is indeed very interesting and nice. Refreshing. I think I tried a similar version at Akashi, but I find that I like this better. The tofu here is more firm and more tasty.
The waitress recommended these - pork with shiso leaf and asparagus wrapped in pork. The shiso leaf pork was fragrant. I liked it.
We also ordered mushroom stuffed with marinated minced chicken - nice, I liked this one as it was juicy and tasty. We also ordered another ox tongue cos Mr L had no recollection of eating it. Here is it again. Yep, it didn;t taste like the ox tongue that we are used to. No chewy texture.

This is another beef skewer. I think it's ribeye.
Our tally.

We ended our meal with sesame ice cream which was very nice.

I am glad I came by to try this out, because I had heard a lot about it and had always wanted to come by. Robertson Quay is really a nice place to chill out, and it had a nice view of the river and everything. However, I think i much prefer the food in Kazu.

Thanks for lunch Mr L!

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