Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dinner at Brussels Sprout (Robertson Quay)

I think I look chubby in this photo... even for a 7.5 months pregnant lady :(

Date night!

DH and I went out on a date... finally! It has been quite a while... since we have both been so busy... we do spend time together... but date night really helps us to bond and share thoughts that we can't do when we are spending time with Cutie.

DH and I went to watch Sex and the City - the movie. I'd wanted to watch it since I heard it was coming to the big screen... I loved the series... I think it's very clever and funny. Although I don't think it is that accurate in real life... I don't think real women dress like that or behave like that. But DH thinks that the show has its appeal because it is well researched and that most women aspire to be like that... to dress well, and to be self reliant and to not be dependent on men.

I agree with DH to a certain extent... I admit that I sometimes wish to have the Sex and the City lifestyle - having cosmopolitan cocktails, going to fashion shows, meeting and dating new guys every week, having lots of money to spend on ultra cool labels, bags, shoes, clothes...

But, you know, I wonder if these ladies all just want to have what I have - an adorable darling Cutie, a supportive DH, a career that gives me time with my family and gives me positive daily challenges...

SPOILER ALERT: skip this paragraph if you intend to watch the movie...

Anyway go watch the movie... it's quite enjoyable, more so than the usual chick flick. I identify most with Miranda by the way... I liked her story best. She is the one who balances the most - a career, a family, a baby... and their related troubles. Samantha - i really liked Smith Jerrod, the younger guy that she ended up with at the end of the series, and i was disappointed that they broke up at the end of the movie... I mean, I really thought that they had something special together... and he saw her through chemo! and they had great chemistry. Now Samantha just seems shallow all over again. Charlotte - her life seems fine and great now, she has everything she wants - a loving husband, an adopted girl and later, her own baby. Her story in the movie wasn't well developed (no time, I imagine), but anyway in the series, it basically says that, you gotta stop looking for what you want in your pre-conceived little circles - she thought she would marry a presbyterian ivy league educated financier type, and have her own kids, but she married a balding short Jewish guy and had to adopt... but they are so happy... and she does eventually have her own baby girl too. Carrie - I think, most of her troubles are self created. I dont really like Mr Big. I dont find him attractive, I think he is rather irritating. I think she is a nice friend, but I think, she picks too much on little things, so that minor issues between her and her boyfriends escalate into breakups.

Brussels Sprout @ Robertson Quay

We initially wanted to go to Inakaya Robataya, but it was fully booked till 945 pm. So we headed to Robertson Quay / Mohammed Sultan, thinking that we would definitely find good Japanese here anyway. When we arrived, we remembered Brussels Sprout, opened by the guy behind Saint Pierre - Emmanuel Stroobant.

So we decided to check it out.

This restaurant is totally open concept - the indoor area is totally opened up with a bar in the centre of the place. I liked it... because it seemed very friendly. It wasn't the fine dining type of place that you associate Saint Pierre with.

We started with a chilled pork belly with mustard starter (SGD9). It was quite nice, but I prefer my roast pork belly from Lei Garden.

My choice of mussels (SGD18 for starter portion) - Brussels Sprout special - main ingredient that I could taste was black pepper. It was nice and a generous portion of about 15 mussels.

DH ordered mussels too, of course, since they are the specialty here. His choice was Vin Blanc (white wine) (SGD38 for a main portion). He liked this a lot and said it was a classic. I thought the wine taste too much for me. I preferred the 1st one.

OH the free flow of french fries (served with mayonnaise, not ketchup) were fantastic. They come with every order of mussels. They were crisp and yet fluffy... which is so difficult to achieve with home made fries.... I wonder how they did it.

No dessert cos we were rushing back to Por Por's to pick Cutie up, and also cos we were quite stuffed by then.

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