Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant @ Wishart Road

This is such a quaint place - a little eating place from a forgotten era. It is located at the corner of Wishart Road, just diagonally opposite Vivocity. And, despite its proximity to the bustling, booming megamall, this quiet little eating sanctuary remains virtually untouched by modern commercialism.

A friend who recently emigrated to Melbourne but had to come back for some work matters brought me here for breakfast. And it was such a surprise since I didn't know such a place existed!

It's just a tiny place, but very airy, well ventilated and cheery with bright yellow walls.

I had a masala thosai while he had the plain one. I should have gone for the plain one, this was way too much for me. Filled with potato curry, it was a heavy breakfast!

One gets to scoop one's choice of accompaniment - so there is some green yoghurty thing with seeds and there is the vegetable korma. The accompaniments are free-flow and come in this big metal bucket (like a slop bucket) which you scoop out of.

Love the yummy teh tarik. It was thick and fragrant and just sweet enough for me to feel satiated and satisfied and happy!

Can you see the side of my korma tin in the above picture? See how the sides are so stained! I wonder if they even wash the tins, or do they just keep refilling the tins with more curry each time.

Inside view of the place. See how the people here are all so relaxed... taking their time to savour that fragrant cup of teh tarik... This uncle was just so cool.. he noticed me taking the photo but nonchalantly continued sipping his tea... as though he poses for photos like this all the time.. hahaha...

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DS said...

It's just opp our church!!! Did u notice? We always drive past but have never tried the food there... cos I think we are scared off by the "Vegetarian" signage outside. Haha.