Monday, November 05, 2007

food republic @ vivocity 3rd floor

The fishball noodles are on promotion currently, and what a good deal it is!

Ah Koong fish ball noodles / yong tau foo

For only SGd16, you get a set meal for 2 that comes with 2 drinks (your choice of barley or luo han guo), 2 bowls of noodles, 2 bowls of mixed fish balls and stuff, 1 plate of braised yong tau foo and 1 plate of fried fish cake.

Choose the dry noodles, it comes doused in a tasty black sauce, Malaysian style. This is not your typical Singaporean hawkerstyle fishball noodles. This is a famous stall from somewhere in Malaysia where the fish is made from fresh ikan parang (thereby ensuring that they are very bouncy). I like the noodles. It tastes very robust.

The fishballs in the soup are truly bouncy and fresh tasting.

The braised yong tau foo were very good as well, not too salty.

I think it was a value for money meal.


I love this place.

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