Monday, November 05, 2007

Lunch @ Golden Mile Hawker Centre

I went to Beach Road to run errands...The Concourse at Beach Road is where all the best party supplies are, so I am told. I went there to see what was available. I am making goodie bags for the kids at Cutie's birthday party at the end of the month.

Lunched with Mr G, and at his recommendation we tried this Lor Mee stall on the 2nd floor of the hawker centre. A queue of about 3 people, but it moved pretty quickly. There were lots of accolades posted on the front of the stall, and the lady was quite nice and friendly.

SGD4 for an upsized portion. Wow, quite pretty isn't it? the fried wontons which lined the bowl were large and very crispy. Interesting addition of fried sliced lotus root. Quite yummy too. The gravy was not as generous as I liked, but that's just me. I like lots of gravy to slurp my noodles in. I think the lady here puts less gravy so that her wontons, which were clearly the stars of the event, wouldn't get soggy.

Dessert next.

I was thinking of trying the Belgian chocolate waffles (lots of hype about this angmo selling dessert in a hawker centre), but Mr G isn't keen on chocolate, and I also felt rather heaty so we ended up with a nice cooling dessert of tang yuen instead. Mine came in almond paste and his was a peanut soup. This stall was from the 1st floor, and though it had some accolades on the store front, it wasn't crowded. SGD2 for the almond paste, balls are an extra cost.

Thanks for the recommendations Mr G.


the hungry cow said...

Ooo..a lor mee fan! I like the lor mee here with its very generous ingredients. Do try the lor mee at the newly-revamped tiong bahru market. It's yummy. Heard quite a bit of the bukit purmei one but have not got to try it...yet.

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Hungy Cow: Yes we should go to the Bukit Purmei one, lots of rave reviews and media attention... Bet there's a long queue though.